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VIP, December 1998

Gina Hall

In her own words:

In 1984, I began taking club snap shots and writing for FAD Magazine. Iwas Loose Lane and Juice Olson. San Francisco Social Studies, The Nightsof Our Lives, Tell Gina, and Gina‚s People were among the Fashion, Art,Design and Nightlife features I did for FAD. I did some fundraising for the Coming Home Hospice, The SF Food Bank and the SF Suicide Prevention Hotline. These events were Gina's Glamour Galas. These Galas were Rastah-Pastah Productions the After hours Party Production Co. I ran with my former husband Michael Ras. I Zulu Hall until about 1990.

In 1989 I had the opportunity to interview George Clinton. Following that article I went on to interview over eighty recording artists for American Music Press and a few more for FAD.

I have appeared on Electric City TV, a Cheap TV show that has won numerous Cable TV Access awards and a couple of emmys. I have impersonated Cleopatra, Eve, Delilah, Jane and myself. I occasionally host the show and I do voice overs on old movies for ECTV.

The Voice Over experience led me to becoming the voice of Platypus News Network Entertainment Reporter Holly Woodpecker. PNN was a nightly newscast from the World Wide Web broadcast by the team of web designers/developers at www.blueplatypus.com.

I have a wonderful Dog, AtomicDawg. A 3 year old ShihTzu who is very outgoing and rather quirky. In Jan. 1996 I launched his web site www.atomicdawg.com has had over 100,000 visitors. I have also designed a number of web pages other than my own.

In 1998, my Dancing, Writing, Voice Overs, Party Productions, Fundraising, Photography, Web Design and even my Dog have merged into one project. The Gina Hall Show with AtomicDawg. A state of the Art Internet Talk Show with Interviews, Original Music and much more. Thanks to Web Developer Kalle Wick, and Animator Jason Calderon, along with Musician Shaunna Hall and Video Producer Michael Kersche Our pilot episode, featuring an interview with Dennis Peron, won the Gulch multimedia award for Creative Content and was featured at Mayor Willy
Brown's multimedia Day at the SF Yerba Buena Center. The First Episode, with interviews with George Clinton and Mayor Willie Brown will launch Jan. 1, 99 at http://www.ginahall.com/ Our show has a serious sense ofhumor.

To find out more about Gina Hall check out her websites at http://www.atomicdawg.com/ or


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