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VIP, November 1998

Gene Parsons

How it all began:

CLARENCE WHITE began exploring the musical possibilities of bending notes on a Telecaster, and during the Nashville West period in the late 60's Gene Parsons built a prototype StringBender for Clarence and installed it on his Telecaster. By the time they joined the Byrds in 1968, Clarence's totally bent approach had revolutionized country/rock guitar. The original patented Parsons/White StringBender has been used by guitarists like Clarence White, Albert Lee, Jimmy Page, Pete Townsend, Ron Wood Bernie Leadon and Bob Warford. TheirStringBender licks, including pedal steel-like bends , chimed harmonics, hammer-on and pull-off bent notes are the musical hooks behind hit songs like the Eagles' Peaceful Easy Feeling, and Led Zeppelin's All of My Love.

How To Get A StringBender There are now several great ways to get a StringBender-equipped guitar. The StringBender Custom Shop; StringBenders on your favorite guitar and also offers StringBender-equipped guitars and other gear at the StringBender Store and Guitar Gallery. Fender offers both the StringBender product line through the Fender Custom Shop and every Fender Dealer either has stock or can order the new American Standard B-Bender Telecaster.

The Heart Of A Guitar
Bent notes are at the heart of passionate guitar playing. Being able to bend notes precisely with total control over the speed and duration of the up or down string bend gives guitarists a powerful tool for self-expression. A StringBender is another instrument inside the guitar, playing the transition to that stir the emotions; the subtle, fleeting dissonance that makes resolution so satisfying. Once you play a StringBender playing guitar is never the same.

The original, patented Parsons/White B-Bender is still the world's best Bender. It is now called a "Classic" B-Bender to distinguish it from Fender's American Standard B-Bender. A "Classic" B-Bender can be installed in any Telecaster-style guitar. The StringBender Custom Shop can also add a B-Bender to a Les Paul or an acoustic flat-top. The first step in having the StringBender Custom Shop install a Bender is to select a guitar you really love to play. The new Double Bender bends the B & G string on your Telecaster, creating opportunities for musical discoveries in every genre. Double Bender licks that are still a whisper in the ear of an unknown guitarist will be part of tomorrow's timeless classic hit.


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