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VIP, September 1998

Carla DeSantis

In the past four years and 21 issues, ROCKRGRL has interviewed rock's most prominent women. From Lilith Fair participants to Courtney Love, both the infamous and the wannabes get to have their say in the ROCKRGRL forum. And we are very proud to have Ann Wilson, the incomparable lead singer of Heart, as a contributing editor.

But ROCKRGRL is more than just personality profiles. ROCKRGRL also feature legal tips, news, equipment reviews and a studio column & resources essential to both the budding and veteran musician.

ROCKRGRL's large roster of print advertisers includes Fender (the largest instrument and amplifier company in the world. Fender recently sponsored a ROCKRGRL essay contest and donated an autographed Bonnie Raitt Signature Stratocaster worth $1,500.), Sony, Electrovoice, Warner/Reprise, Kill Rock Stars, Atlantic Records, Polygram, SubPop, Righteous Babe, Sire, Metalithic Systems and many more.

92% female
8% male

Major content sections:

Grapevine-News and gossip, updated frequently.

Grl Links- Sites of interest to female players.

Grl Talk-The most interactive section on ROCKRGRL, post your
insights, and meet other ROCKRGRL readers. This newsgroup discusses
everything from Lilith Fair to guitar techniques.

Back Issues-Where visitors can browse past articles and sample every
issue back to January, 1995.


Three months before its debut, ROCKRGRL was previewed in the Pop
Eye column of the Sunday L.A. Times Datebook. Itís been garnering
critical acclaim ever since in publications as diverse as SPIN, The N.Y.
Times, Fishwrap, Sojourner, Playboy (no kidding), Request, The
Rocket, The Seattle Times, Gig, The San Francisco Chronicle, MTV
Online, Addicted To Noise, Electronic Musician, Boston Rock, The
Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe, FactSheet Five, Gavin, The San Jose
Mercury News, Entertainment Weekly Online, Daily Insider, Playback
and Seventeen.

Publisher Carla A. DeSantis has also made guest appearances on fitness
expert Joanie Greggains' nationally syndicated radio program, Eye on
Seattle, Escencia and First Cut.

NetGuide Women's Site of the Day, February 3, 1993
Yin Best of the Web
GoGirls Cool Site Award
Planet Amazon Pick of the Day

To buy ads contact Caroline Frye or phone 415.468.4684 x136

The official ROCKRGRL Magazine web site goal is to provide support and resources for women rockers. ROCKRGRL believes female rock musicians
usually get short shrift in the mainstream press because in the male-dominated music press, women rockers are still not considered "real" artists. For example, Rolling Stone puts a lot more naked female television stars on its covers than clothed women musicians. And articles written about women musicians focus more on their gender
than their artistry. You are far more likely to find articles about where Tracy Bonham buys her shoes than where she buys her guitars.

While there certainly seems to be a market for this genre of reporting, it is extremely discouraging for women who are learning to play a LOUD instrument like drums or electric guitar, when they are constantly being put down or taken less seriously than their male counterparts.

Did you know that many more girls than boys learn to play music in school? Fact is, girls drop out at an alarming rate because there is little support for them to continue as serious musicians.


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