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VIP, August 1998

Craig Hermes

H.E.A.R. would like to thank Craig for his dedication and compassion to the music community and its fans. Virgin Megastores marketing campaigns are a noble example of the success that partnership with good causes can make.

Thanks Craig for reminding others of the importance of protecting your most important musical instrument....your ears!

Craig Hermes is the National Manager of Marketing-Music for Virgin Megastores. When developing a campaign for a summer alternative rock sale, he wanted to tie in to a charity that would make sense for the music. The Stick It In Your Ear campaign at Virgin during August will include a free pair of Virgin/HEAR earplugs with the purchase of each sale title. In addition to the earplugs, the posters and signs in the stores will feature Exene Cervenka of X and Jorgee Douglass of Stone Fox in a humourous take on 'stick it in you ear'.

Another accomlishment that Craig is really happy about is the cd compilation he put together for PAWSLA-an organization which allows people with HIV and AIDS to keep their pets. Woof-A Tribute for PAWSLA raised over $11,000 dollars for the charity, and the cd featured tracks by Chemical Brothers, Moby, Orbital, the Orb, and Future Sounds of London, among others.

Craig graduated from UMass in '84, acted professionally for about 5 years, and now resides in Silverlake in Los Angeles.

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