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VIP, July 1998

Jana Pantazelo

Jana has been an advocate, designer and administrator of arts and music programs in the San Francisco Bay Area for the last ten years. In 1993 she developed her most innovative program, the Soundwall Music summer rock camp for young musicians ages 1 1-17. At the time, her son Nick was thirteen and rocking hard to Extreme, Aerosmith, the Black Crowes and Hot Tuna. When Jana looked around for a rock and roll summer camp for him, she was surprised to find none. With her program and recreation background, she was able to design a summer rock camp, hire staff and find a site for a day camp in the East Bay. Now Soundwall Music Camps have grown to include two residential camps at Santa Clara University which draw students from all over the country and beyond! And her son Nick, now 20, is a student in the Music School at the University of Oregon.

The Soundwall Music Camp program provides music instruction and performance opportunities for young musicians and has captured the attention of the local and national media, including CNN News. The camp enrolls about 120 students each summer. Jana serves as Program Director of the camps, supervises the teaching staff, handles promotions and enrollments, and publishes a quarterly newsletter for over 800 camp friends.

In addition to the Soundwall Music Camp program, Jana has been involved with young people and the arts. She served as the administrator of two non-profit art galleries in Contra Costa County and directed the renovation and operation of the Village Theatre in Danville. From 1989-1994, she created and directed the cultural arts program for the city of Danville which brought concerts, children's theatre and increased arts awareness to the community. She is currently serving on the Board of a non-profit theater company and is designing a mentor program for students of the independent study program in her area.

She is a graduate of UCLA, has a Masters Degree in Education from USC and taught school for six years.

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