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VIP, April 1998

Sheri Weiner, M.A.,CCC-A

H.E.A.R. is proud to honor Sheri Weiner as our VIP of the Month. Sheri's personality and enthusiasm draws people to her like a magnet. She is a great spokes person as a H.E.A.R. Partner at music industry events in the Nashville area. Thanks Sheri!!! You Rock!!!

Sheri Weiner, M.A.,CCC-A has been a Dispensing Audiologist since 1979 having begun her career in a medical practice with Dr. Coyle Shea of Memphis. After moving to Nashville in 1981, she started a private practice serving the Nashville/Franklin areas. Sheri has served as the Chair of the Tennessee State Licensing Board for Hearing Instrument Dispensers, Board Consultant for Disciplinary Action for that same board, President of the Tennessee Hearing Society and Chair of the National Board for Licensing Board Chairs.

Having always had an interest in the music industry, involvement from the hearing conservation end of things as an Audiologist was intriguing back in 1990 when Marty Garcia of Future Sonics approached her as a referral. "I went from just making a few ear impressions to writing for Modern Drummer (Sept., 1996) and going on-site for performer's evaluating their sound levels and recommending ways for them to turn down the volume. Now, I must see 6 to 8 entertainers and/or their band members a week.

One of the most impacting things I recognized was that the people in this industry are terrified to have their hearing tested....terrified to know the truth of what we have been preaching...that noise can be so damaging. Working with HEAR at Nashville's NAMM and at the recent NEA Extravaganza, I had the opportunity to talk with people about how important turning down the volume is and to get the word out about musician's noise filters, ear monitors, and other ways to protect their hearing."


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