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VIP, March 1998

Travis Brant

H.E.A.R. is proud to honor Travis Brant as our VIP of the Month. Travis is a talented drummer and teacher. His volunteer help on the Lollapallooza Tour at the H.E.A.R. booth or speaking out about hearing loss at his drum clinics has made a big difference to our orgnaization and to the people Travis meets. Recently, Travis produced and engineerd a Fundraising CD entitled " Home for the Holliday, " with donations going to H.E.A.R. and the Children's Wish Foundation International.

In his own words...

I have spent the past several years as a freelance writer, educator, performer and studio musician. Currently I live in Lafayette, Indiana where I have started a production company called Def Left Ear. The company specializes in commercial audio production as well as the promotion of local talent.

I teamed up with H.E.A.R. four years ago because I sustained a hearing loss from playing really loud clubs. At the time I wasn't even thinking that I might ruin my hearing but I gave it a lot more thought when the ringing in my ears never went away. I have been an avid supporter of HEAR by passing out hearing protection and literature at venues such as Lolapollooza, X-fest, drum clinics with Yamaha clinician John Wittmann, and any local shows I play where I have the opportunity to speak briefly on hearing loss. HEAR will always have my full support and enthusiasm as long as I'm needed.

My future plans include a tour (not sure on what scale yet), of high schools and middle schools where I will be using my talent behind the drumset to relay the dangers of hearing loss, a spring release of my new CD where I'm playing all of the instruments, and support for a fall release CD by The Magnatones (my current gig), bashing in a town near you!

If anyone would like to contact me, have me perform a hearing workshop, or just wants to chat about life itself try this:

Phone\Fax: 765-471-1668
24 Hour : (317)389-6650
E-Mail : Tbrant(~ioc.com or DLE(~ioc.com
Address : 2122-A Fincastle Way
Lafayette, IN 47909

Travis and concert -goer at the Lollapalooza Tour.

More on Travis...


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