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Kevin BeckaVIP, July 1997

Kevin Becka

H.E.A.R. is pleased to honor Kevin Becka as our VIP of the Month on Hearnet. We appreciate his support of our organization's efforts and look forward to working together for better hearing of all musicians and audio professionals.

Kevin Becka is an independent recording engineer and audio educator. He's now on staff at the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences in Tempe Arizona as a Recording and Production lecturer. Prior to teaching at the Conservatory, Kevin taught for 3 years at the South Mountain School of Performing Arts, a US Government Magnet school in Phoenix Arizona. The school has a state of the art $500k recording facility on the premises. Kevin acted as a lecturer, consultant, and designed much of the curriculum for the program.

Prior to the 1994 Northridge earthquake, Kevin lived in Los Angeles for 18 years where he made his living as a musician and then turned his talents to recording. Kevin has many engineering credits to his name including Kenny G's number one multi-platinum album Breathless. Kevin also engineered on Kenny's album previous to that, Kenny G Live. In addition he's worked with Michael Bolton, Dokken and Lynch Mob guitarist George Lynch, Rod Temperton, George Duke, Michael Omartian and many more. He has also written and engineered film and TV scores and other soundtrack-oriented productions for HBO, the Oliver Stone film Talk Radio, The Cage, and Who's the Boss.

Kevin has written many product reviews and various other articles for Recording and Pro Audio Review magazine. Kevin designed and maintains the website for the Conservatory or Recording Arts & Sciences at: http://www.cras.org He also has his own home recording website that is updated with new features and links on a weekly basis. This can be found on the Mining Company server at: http://homerecording.miningco.com

Kevin's production company, ProEdge Productions, is based in Phoenix where he writes and records original music in a number of styles. Kevin's current projects are a jazz record he's recording and mixing at Mad Hatter studios in Los Angeles. He's also traveling to Germany this summer to run live sound for a Phoenix based group performing at the Bergerfest in Regensburg.

Being a musician and audio professional, Kevin has been wearing ear protection for years. In the last 4 years he has been wearing custom musician's earplugs. He credits the fact that his hearing still falls within normal ranges to his insistence on wearing professional hearing protection in dangerous situations.

Kevin welcomes email at kbecka@aztec.asu.edu.


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