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Mont StongVIP, November 1996

Mont Stong

H.E.A.R. is happy when we can honor one of our long time supporters and good friends. Without the help of the many volunteers and professionals donating time and energy over the years we would have struggled even more than we did! Mont Stong is one of those people who has been a loyal supporter and friend to H.E.A.R. for quite awhile and we're thrilled to honor him as our November V.I.P.

Mont was living in Texas when he first read about H.E.A.R. in Time Magazine. He remembers thinking that the program sounded like a great way to blend hearing health information with a love for music. Mont was finishing up his studies at Southern Methodist University and he eventually graduated with a degree in Speech, Language Pathology. Mont continued his studies and received a M.S. degree from North Texas State University in Audiology.

When 1988 rolled around Mont decided to move to San Francisco. He went to work at U.C. San Francisco in a clinical position, later went into private practice, and then returned to clinical work at the California Ear Institute at Stanford University. Mont is currently working for ReSound Corporation, a company manufacturing hearing devices.

Mont's original interest in H.E.A.R., generated during his Texas years, eventually led him to our front door. Mont offered to volunteer as an audiological consultant. We were thrilled! Mont has now been hanging with us at H.E.A.R. and providing invaluable professional assistance for more than 6 years to the musical community of the Bay Area.

Mont's move from Texas to California brought to the Bay Area and H.E.A.R. a wonderful personality and a tremendous resource. Mont's work continues with H.E.A.R. and we hope that everyone comes to appreciate Mont as much as we do at H.E.A.R. Congratulations to Mont Stong, our V.I.P. for the month of November.


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