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Dirk DirksenVIP, July 1996

Dirk Dirksen

The Gate Keeper

In the historic pantheon of San Francisco's most notorious showmen, few men have been blessed with the honor of being chosen Gate Keeper, holder of the Sacred Keys. In the full tilt music scene roaring in San Francisco during the 1970's, Dirk Dirksen prowled backstages at the now mythical bastion of America's dark Punk Rock scene, Mabuhay Gardens, On Broadway. While Bill Graham was headlining mainstream acts like the "Dooby Brothers, and Jefferson Airplane, Dirksen was presenting avant garde groups which were still dripping wet with the after birth of spontaneous creation, like the Dead Kennedys, the Nuns, the Ramones, Crime, Mutants, Vktms, Contractions, Devo, Blondy to name a few.

Its been over twenty years since Dirksen handed out large containers of pop corn to rowdy fans hell bent on throwing anything at the Mabuhay stage. These days the Godfather of Punk Rock can be found sorting out the hottest cutting edge Music Video's with his partner Damon Molloy. Dirksen is Executive Producer of " Potpourri" a television show which explores the culture of the digital revolution through music videos, independent films, CD-ROMS, and computer artistry. Continuing a pattern of helping to break new ground in the arts, Dirksen also works closely with the San Francisco based "Unity Foundation".

Founded in 1975, the "Unity Foundation" has worked at promoting world peace, cooperation and unity, by using the creative arts, education, and interactive communications programs working together to bring the human family into a heightened state of unity. The foundation's list of successes include programs to feed the poor, producing free cultural events, supporting human rights, saving the environment.

As an Advisory Board Member of H.E.A.R., Dirk has helped the organization grow through his countless hours of volunteer time and talents by producing public service announcements, H.E.A.R. benefits and good ole sage advise to Kathy Peck, former Contractions' bass player and Executive Director of H.E.A.R. Dirk maintains his high profile in the music scene and in the San Francisco arts community.

H.E.A.R. salutes Dirk for his major contributions and dedication to his beloved San Francisco music scene and the community.

You are invited to explore these new horizons and contact Dirk Dirksen at, Dirksen/Molloy Productions 744 Treat Ave., Suite 1001, San Francisco, CA 94110. Phone (415) 206-1621 or Fax (415) 206-1622 or info@outspokenideas.com or www.outspokenideas.com



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