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Gordy KnudtsonVIP, June 1996

Gordy Knudtson

Since 1987, Gordy Knudtson has been the drummer of the Steve Miller Band. Gordy has performed on the "Wide River" and "Born 2B Blue" albums and has done 8 tours with the band which continues to be among the top drawing acts in the country. From 1982 to 1994 (between tours with Steve Miller) Gordy played jazz clubs and festivals around the world with the Ben Sidran Quartet. Gordy performed on Ben Sidran's "Cool Paradise", "Too Hot to Touch", and "On The Live Side" albums. When he's not touring, he can be heard with the house band called "The Trio" at Mackenzie's in downtown Minneapolis. The band is a jazz organ trio that recently released it's first CD called "The Trio - Live at Mackenzie's".

Gordy has won ten Minnesota Music Awards for "Best Drummer" and been featured in Modern Drummer and Drum Tracks magazines. He's played with a list of msicians and stars long enough to fill a book, but in addition to Gordy's great music he's also contributed greatly to music education.. In 1989 he was approached by Music Tech to create a Percussion Program to equip drummers with the essential skills needed to survive and succeed in today's competitive music scene. He hired the faculty and wrote the curriculum based on his many years of professional playing and private teaching experience. He runs the department, and teaches Master Classes when he's not touring.

To publish his educational materials Gordy founded GK Music Publishing in 1989. In 1994 the company became GK Music Inc. which created, developed, and marketed a brand new practice tool for drummers called Drum Phones TM, the first commercially available hearing protection headphones equipped with stereo sound. DrumPhonesTM help to protect a drummer's hearing by reducing the level of external sound reaching their ears when they practice. They were an unqualified success! Professional and amateur drummers from all over the world placed orders and said what a great idea this product was! They also said it would be great to make a studio quality version of DrumPhonesTM, so in 1996 GK Music created SuperPhonesTM, the first 20db hearing protection headphones equipped with professional recording studio headphone drivers.

Gordy's sincere efforts on behalf of hearing health and his commitment to music make him a perfect choice as our V.I.P for the Month of June. H.E.A.R is honored to recognize Gordy for his years of work and for his great music.


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