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Randy MorganVIP, April 1996

Randy Morgan

Randy Morgan, President and CEO of Westone Laboratories, is one of our oldest friends and we're pleased to honor him as our April V.I.P. In 1987 Randy took over the helm of the small family business that had been founded in his parents' kitchen 28 years earlier. Today Westone's home is a 32,000 square foot headquarters in Colorado Springs and the company is the world's largest manufacturer of custom oto-plastics.

Under Randy's guidance, Westone has moved into many diverse areas of the hearing health care industry. In addition to the great custom earmolds that established Westone's reputation, the company also has a complete range of hearing protection products, assistive listening devices, and a wide range of accessories. Westone is the most complete source of hearing health care products in the nation.

Westone Laboratories also reaches out to the hearing community. They have funded several major projects of the Better Hearing Institute, including the Spanish language edition of "Discover the World of Better Hearing". They've also funded H.E.A.R.'s annual TV public service announcements campaign with rock stars to promote hearing health among musicians and young people (Westone PSA sponsorship helped to sponsor Lars Ulrich of Metallica's H.E.A.R. PSA for national distribution), as a well as the revision and reprinting of "Nerve Deafness and You".

Randy serves on the Advisory Board of H.E.A.R. and the Better Hearing Institute, is a past President of the National Association of Earmold Laboratories, an author, and a frequent speaker at industry conventions and seminars. Randy's also a musician which gives him even a few extra chips on his side of the table as far as H.E.A.R. is concerned. People like Randy Morgan take a positive approach to life. They believe in working hard, having fun, and giving back to the community. We're proud to have Randy as our V.I.P. for April. He's truly one of the good guys.


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