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HARRY O.VIP, February 1996


H.E.A.R. is proud to salute well known San Francisco Bay Area radio figure Harry O. as our February V.I.P. Harry is a long time friend of H.E.A.R. who always includes us in his concert promotions and helps us spread the word about hearing health issues. Harry is currently the Public Affairs Director at LIVE 105/KITS-FM in San Francisco and the host and producer of the award winning environmental programming on LIVE 105. THE Green Hour is a one hour listener phone-in show, and Earthbeat is a recorded magazine show that's also carried by KNRK-FM in Portland, Oregon.

Harry's commitment to music and radio has always extended itself into the important issues of community education and public affairs. In 1983 and 1984 Harry was the Educational Coordinator at the Bailie School of Broadcasting in San Francisco. His duties included directing the educational program, hiring instructors, assisting in placement, and teaching. In 1984 Harry moved over to KITS and was the production manager and a weekend on air personality. In 1989 Harry became the Public Affairs Director at the station. During that time Harry also squeezed in a stint as a columnist at THE CITY where he wrote a monthly column on environmental issues called "Green Thoughts". Harry has also been honored for his work on the improvement of air quality in the Bay Area. He was cited as the Clean Air Champion by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District in 1994, and was awarded the Certificate of Achievement by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission in 1993 for his efforts on behalf of Bay Area transportation and environmental concerns.

Harry has been seen lurking about most the well known music venues in San Francisco for years, and remembers a Fillmore show where he once saw B.B. King, The Mothers of Invention, and Booker T. and the MG's on the same bill! He is a collector of all sorts of paraphernalia, including his beloved toy trains!

H.E.A.R. is happy to honor Harry O. as our February 1996 V.I.P. He gets us publicity when we need it and is always supportive of our goals. A tip of the H.E.AR. cap to our good friend Harry O.!


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