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Chuck BerlinVIP, December 1995

Chuck Berlin, Ph.D.

H.E.A.R. is excited and proud to honor Chuck Berlin as our December V.I.P. Chuck Berlin holds a Ph.D. in hearing science and is Director of the Kresge Hearing Research Laboratory of the South LSU Medical School in New Orleans.

Chuck moved to New Orleans in 1967 with two purposes in mind: 1. To open and run a world-class hearing research laboratory. 2. To blend into his modern jazz piano playing the rhythms and sounds of Dixieland and New Orleans. He has succeeded on both fronts.

The lab now studies genetics of hearing loss, the biochemistry and pharmacology of cochlear hair cells, Neuroanatomy of the peripheral Cochlear implants in animals and Humans, and otoacoustic emissions in humans and animals, and the susceptibility of certain ears to noise induced hearing loss. Chuck is also beginning a program in New Orleans to preserve the hearing of his fellow musicians and their audiences.

The wonderful musicians' earplugs developed by Mead Killion and Etymotic Research, as a well as the unique-ER-4 earphones for highest fidelity listening, are among Chuck's products. The Er-4's were lauded by Audio Magazine in December 1993 as being "an excellent value" and Chuck uses them all the time to monitor performances and protect his own hearing while he plays and listens to his favorite discs.

In addition to his work at the Kresge Hearing Research Laboratory, Chuck is also a practicing licensed audiologist who sees patients weekly in the audiology clinic he directs. This clinic was selected by Family Circle Magazine in 1987 as the Best Place in the United States for Hearing Problems. His clinical activities specialize in fitting hearing aids with real ear measurement to difficult-to-manage patients, both children and adults. Chuck has also done important work in animal hearing and vocal output, human cerebral organization for speech perception, electrocochleography and Auditory Brainstem Response, Otoacoustic Emissions, and has discovered a rare form of hearing loss called ultra-audiometric hearing. He and his group were instrumental in developing a new form of hearing aid for such patients which allows them to hear frequencies-shifted speech in their most sensitive zones above the standard audiometric frequencies (Time Magazine, Sept. 1982 )

All of that, and you still can find him playing music on Bourbon Street! H.E.A.R. is happy to salute Chuck Berlin as this month's V.I.P. Congratulations, Chuck!


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