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Pam BallVIP, October 1995

Pamela L. Ball

Pamela L. Ball, Ed.D., CCC-A, is our first V.I.P.! Pamela has practiced audiology since 1976, and has been on the H.E.A.R. Board of Directors since the very beginning. A tireless supporter of H.E.A.R.and hearing education throughout the Bay Area, Pamela received her Masters Degree in Audiology from San Jose State University, and her Doctorate Degree in Multicultural Education from the University of San Francisco.

Pamela founded Golden State Audiology Associates (GSAA) in 1982, and incorporated it in 1983. GSAA has six offices with ten audiologists who provide audiological and hearing aid services in Northern and Central California. Hearing related services include: Diagnostic audiological evaluations, aural rehabilitation, hearing aid sales and repair, assistive listening devices (ALD), custom ear molds, Earshades, Musicians Earplugs and hearing protection. GSAA additionally offers industrial mobile hearing screening and hearing conservation activities in compliance with OSHA, Council for Accreditation in Occupational Hearing Conservation (CAOHC) courses, mobile hearing screening for grades K-12, audiological consultation, spirometry, as well as research and development in the field of hearing. Dr. Ball also has the distinction of owning and operating her own hearing aid and mold manufacturing lab. Auditory Research Institute was established in 1994 and provides a full range of custom hearing instruments.

Pamela's advice and energy have been a continual source of strength for H.E.A.R. H.E.A.R. with Dr. Ball's assistance established a free hearing evaluation clinic program and a mobile hearing van outreach program. We've been able to provide on-site hearing tests all over the Bay Area and increase awareness about the dangers of exposure to excessive noise levels. Dr. Ball also helped us coordinate a research project for information about tinnitus and hearing loss of more than 400 musicians and music lovers.

H.E.A.R. wants to thank Pamela and honor her for all her generous professional help and personal generosity. Pamela is truly a H.E.A.R. V.I.P.

Here 's just a few more of Pamela's professional career highlights:

Professional Associations:

American Speech, Language and Hearing Association; California Academy of Audiology; National Association of Hearing Aid Dispensers; California Children's Services Panel, Santa Clara County; H.E.A.R. Board of Directers; Council for Accrediatation in Occupational Hearing Conservation; Department of Social Services Referral Panel.

Professional Experience:

President , Golden State Audiology Associates; Founder, Auditory Research Institue; President, AuraLogic Corporation, 1994; Audiologist, Research Consultant, National Institute of Health, SBIR Grant, 1993-present.

Do you know where Pam got her raving red hair from? Pam gets her red hair from her Aunt Lucy!


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