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Pete Townshend of the Who

Pete Townshend is one of rocks most celebrated and studied guitarist and primary songwriter for the Who from 1964 to 1982, also participating in the group's occasional reunions after its formal breakup. Best-known for his conceptual works, he wrote Tommy and Quadrophenia for the band, as well as the bulk of its other material. (...more)

New PSAs!


Spring Break 2002 with MTV

H.E.A.R. has posted new PSAs for viewing and downloading on the website! PSAs feature Carson Daly of MTV and recording artist Missy Elliott, Joe Satriani, Spinal Tap, Lars Ulrich of Metallica, Pete Townshend of the Who, DJ Qbert, "Tinnitus Sucks" featuring the music of The Mermen, Clayton Cameron of Tony Bennett's band, and Herbie Hancock.


H.E.A.R., The National Campaign for Hearing Health's Practice Safe Sound Project (tm) and Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary Doc's teamed up with MTVN to educate teens, musicians and music lovers about the dangers of hearing damage and tinnitus from repeated exposure to loud music at MTV SPRING BREAK IN CANCUN March 13-16, 2002. find out more...

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Musicians found to have 'more sensitive brains'
By Lorna Duckworth, Health Correspondent 17 June 2002
Musicians have bigger and more sensitive brains than people who do not play instruments, scientists revealed yesterday. more...

We are proud to honor our H.E.A.R. Board of Director Dr. Jerome Goldstein. We value his participation with our organization and his sage advice.



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