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Artist of the Month, April 1999


Richard Quitevis, better known as DJ QBert to fans throughout the world, has attracted attention since 1985 when audiences realized his skills on the turntables were beyond comprehension. Through years of creativity, imagination, practice and dedication he developed the art of using the turntable as a musical instrument by inventing unimaginable styles and creating unique systems of skratching. Today turntablism continues to advance and branch out

into diversified directions. History established that QBert, currently amember of the Invisibl Skratch Piklz (ISP), heralded a new era inthe DJ/turntablist community, and helped raise this art to its new form.

Heavily influenced by the styles of world-renowned jazz musician Miles Davis, famous electric guitarists Jimmy Hendrix and Les Paul, pianist Thelonius Monk, and original and innovative DJs throughout the world, QBert interprets their compositions to create sounds and styles that continue to generate a worldwide following.

In the early 90's, QBert dominated the DJ scene with his talent and skills. After claiming the titles of the Disco Mixing Club (DMC) 1991 USA Champion and the 1992-1994 DMC World Champion, he was asked by the DMC founders to judge the 1995 DMC Championships instead of actually competing. In June 1998, QBert, along with another member of ISP, MixMaster Mike, received the DMC DJ Hall of Fame award for outstanding contributions to the competition and more importantly, the industry.

The most documented DJ in the world, QBert has been featured in numerous local and national publications including Details, XXL,Spin, and the Bay Area Magazine (BAM), as well as international magazines and newspapers. In January 1998, QBert and the ISP crew graced the cover of the highly circulated URB magazine.

Also in 1998 QBert appeared in two international movies: Hang The DJ and Modulations. Both films appeared in highly respected film festivals. The former was shown at the Cannes Film Festival held inCannes, France, and the latter emerged at the Sundance Festival in Colorado. The documentary Hang The DJ, featured QBert and his unbelievable techniques. His impact on the world DJ culture and the industry has influenced artists not only in the hip-hop genre, but in all music categories. Modulations, a film documenting the history and culture of electronic music highlighted QBert and his skills on the turntable.

QBert is currently working on his solo debut album entitled Wave Twisters. This "concept album", presents a story about an entire civilization residing in innerspace, and the only form of communication is through the sounds of skratching. It will be
followed by a full-length animated film, which is expected to premier before 2000. This film is a first of its kind, which adds to the uniqueness and superiority of Wave Twisters.

DJ QBert is considered the greatest DJ/turntablist in the world and of all time. His album Wave Twisters will definitely capture audiences worldwide. This album delivers QBert's solo improvisations, along with songs created through breaking all types of instruments into intricate symbols. The first skratch concept album ever created makes its debut November 10, 1998. For more information contact the Invisibl Skratch Piklz at (650) 878-9944 or visit ISP on the Internet at http://www.skratchpiklz.com.


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