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Artist of the Month, March 1999

George Clinton

The Godfather of Funk, George Clinton has always remained at the very threshold of the music form and is critically acclaimed for his creative strides and enthralling live performances. George Clinton unites with various P-Funk members from the past 25 years in this newest ride that combines all of the extravaganza of the past with fresh, new, live grooves of today. DopeDogs, a Dogone Records /Available Entertainment release, is an expression from George Clinton and the P-Funk which exudes maturity both lyrically and musically.

Known throughout the world for the band's raw, original style, P-Funk has reached notoriety with such classic albums as Cosmic Slop (1973), Mothership Connection (1975), One Nation Under A-Groove (1976), Computer Games (1982), Atomic Dog and My Best Jokes Are Friends (1985).

As the surprise hit of the 1994 Lollapalooza tour, George Clinton and the P-Funk All Stars soared during the festival sets and followed with four hour endurance club gigs. Honored in 1997 by the NAACP Image Award for Lifetime Achievement, it is clear that George Clinton's talents are unsurpassed. He has been highlighted in such movies as "PCU,"' "House Party" and HBO's "Cosmic Slop," and recently, along with the band, had a guest appearance on The Tonight Show. In the summer of 1997, Clinton once again stunned crowds with the Mothership experience during the House of Blues' "Smokin' Grooves Tour." In recognition of his true visionary musical talents ' George along with Parliament /Funkadelic was inducted into Guitar Center's Hollywood Rock Walk in 1996 and into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last year to honor 25 years of their mastery of the music form.

How cool is George Clinton? His original doo-wop crew,the Parlaments, cut their first album In a Newark, New Jersey Record-It-Yourself booth in 1956. Since then, he's masterminded funk Innovation machines like Parliament and Funkadelic--both inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in'97--and the P--Funk AlI-Stars, and blessed the grooves of more than 160 records.

For more information contact: Alan Oken at Available Entertainment 323-463-4800.


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