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Artist of the Month, December 1998

Born Storm Large to the quiet New England town of Southboro, Massachusetts. They never knew what hit them. This storm was already too large for the provincial puritans of the 'boro. While other girls wanted to be Marcia Brady, Storm wanted to be Bruce Lee. Always protecting the underdog, this flaming red head grew and sang and grew and sang until she was 6 feet tall; would fight for anything she believed in and could sing anything given to her. She took her powerful voice for granted. A high school music teacher, Ruth Cooper, tried to encourage the rebelliously charismatic teenager to trust her love for music. Music was too much fun so she put her emotions and good looks to use traveling acting and modeling avenues, but she had way too much to say. She had to write. So this vibrantly seductive tornado now twirls her audience around her provocative voice with her salacious mouth.

The band is Storm & Her Dirty Mouth. Storm, guitarists Michael Cavaseno and Geoff Pearlman, bassist Ubi Whitaker and drummer Dan Foltz got together 1998 to rock hard and spread out. Their fans followed them. The result is a self-titled EP produced by Thom Wilson (The Offspring, Madonna, Iggy Pop) released on Popmafia Records in October 1998.

In the meantime, her mouth landed on Ubiquity's recording artist, Bugs' album, Infinite Syndrome, and with Storm as the featured vocalist, the first single/video "About You" obtained regular rotation on MTV and many adds to commercial rock radio ncluding KROQ and LIVE 105.

Renowned renaissance artist Frank Kozik known for his poster art and record label, Man's Ruin, enlisted Storm to model for selected album covers and posters. Storm and her Dirty Mouth will be hitting your city soon.

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