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Artist of the Month, November 1998


H.E.A.R. is thrilled to honor M.I. R.V. as our artists of the Month. You have to hear them to believe them. These talented guys will rock your world!

M.I.R.V. emerged three years ago with their first release, COSMODROME, on Prawn Song Les Claypool/ Mammoth/ RED which has been distributed worldwide. The first single, "Shoot My Face Off, also the band's first video release, was directed by Mark Kohn (Green Day, No Doubt). The video for "Shave" was added to MTV's Beavis and Butt-head, Butt & Beer episode, which is still in heavy rotation.

In that time, M.I.R.V. has toured the U.S. with Primus, Fishbone, and Les Claypool and the Holy Mackerel, along with numerous tours of their own. Recently, In March 1997, the band was awarded a BAMMIE, (BAM Magazine's Bay Area Music
Award) in the Best Alternative Rock category.

M.I.R.V.'s latest CD, Feeding Time on Monkey Island, is self-released on the bands own label, Poison Eye Records. Distributed in house and by several national distributors, "Feeding Time" has already sold 5000 units nationally since January 1997 and has been well received in many parts of the U.S. and Europe through mail-order. The first single, "Monkey Boy", has made it to the top 5 on the Punk Playpen (Bay Area radio, Live 105) and has received spins at 91X as well as KROQ. The single, while charting regionally on college stations, has also been added to specialty shows in Europe. M.I.R.V. has also appeared in a national commercial spot for a Sega Saturn game, featuring the song "Monkey Boy".

M.I.R.V.'s lineup is comprised of Mirv Haggard (guitar, vocals and cross-cut saw), Bryan Kehoe (guitar, vocals, fire and the nose whistle), Craig McFarland (bass, trumpet and various low freak-quencies), and Jeff Gomes (drums and driving the tractor).

Be sure to watch out for M.I.R.V.'s new CD coming soon!


6331 Fairmount Ave #372
El Cerrito, CA 94530
Phone/Fax: 510-524-9995



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