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Artist of the Month, October 1998


Imagine yourself walking Into a strange club in a strange city packed with kids going absolutely berzerk. There's some band playing that you've never heard of, but loved from the first second you saw and heard them. That band is Pivit, with their high Intensity stage show and hook filled vocals you might wonder where has this band been all of my life ? Well for the last three years Pivit has been tearing up shows in the southwest and on the west coast - opening up for bands like Blink 182, Pennywise. Unwritten Law, Buck-O-Nine and others. Formed by vocalist Chris Moore and Bassist Michah Alboa in 1995, with additions of guitarists James Banister and Chris Lewis and recently solidifying the line-up with drummer Adam Rapps. Pivit just could be one of musicās best kept secrets, that is if you don't surf-skate or snowboard. Cause ya see 'those who know* know who Pivit is through surf-skate videos and big time music compilations geared towards the action boards-ports scene. This band is HOT so check em out so you can be 'in the know.'

contact: Mike Monroe
Red-Eye Records
P.O. Box 16717
San Diego, California 92176 vox-fax (619) 282-1704
Find the FUZZ Red-Eye #RERCS007
Pressure Red-Eye #RERCDO08
Millenium Red-Eye #RERCDO10
The Show Compilation Theologian
The Line-up Compilation TDM
STV Sessions Red-Eye #RER011
Taylor Steele's 'The Show"
Taylor Steeles "Good Times"
Email- RedEyeUSA@aol.com


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