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Artist of the Month, July 1998

Los Cerveceros

Featuring ex-Bad Posture man Eddie Galvan on vocals and guitars, plus the towering Mike Ingram on bass and the miraculously metronomic Kristen Ross on drums, Los Cerveceros are truly the bar band to beat them all. Galvan, a diminutive, pleasant geezer off stage, metamorphoses into a Gibson-beating Angus Young from Hades whilst stomping up and down on the boards as Ingram beats on the bass so hard that if frequently falls off his body. Rather than call a halt to the action, he wrassles with the sucker on the floor like he's battling an alligator.

Eddie Galvan, songwriter and guitarist, launched the San Francisco based Los Cerveceros band in 1990. Eddie's musical style dates back to the early 80's San Francisco and Los Angeles punk scene where he formed his premiere underground punk band, Bad Posture. Los Cerveceros' drummer Kirsten Ross, comes from Chico, California. She began playing as a youngster having been inspired by her studio drum musician father whose musical styles included dixieland and country. Mike Ingram, 31 year old bass guitarist rounds out the trio. He originally hails from Nigiaragua and also touts a rich musical heritage.

Los Cerveceros recently recorded live at The Bottom of Hill and have plans to release a CD. Anyone interested in contacting Los Ceveceros to play private parties, night clubs can call the group at (415) 452-8832.


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