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Artist of the Month, June 1998

Undulating Band

Texas Roots Rock ! the Undulating Band Rocks!

Front man Brad Thompson has been an established singer/songwriter in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex area since the release of his self-titled debut album in 1994. the Undulating Band's Sophomore effort, 9,000,000 beats per minute, portrays the evolution their sound has undergone in the past three years of touring and recording. This 13 -song release contains well written and performed "acoustic/pop/rock" songs, as well as, a few surprises! The first single You! delivers a full sound that has become signature for the group since the addition of Don Cento on electric slide guitar. The enchanting China, provides listeners with a relaxing groove and strong lyrical melodies. The driving acoustic rock of Something New and Tied Up make The Undulating Bands' newest release mainstream-rock friendly and an enticing CD for " Undulating" fans new and old.


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