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Artist of the Month, April 1998

David Denny

On behalf of the entire H.E.A.R. Organization, we are delighted to honor David Denny as our Artists of the Month. David Denny is a consummate musician with a great talent and a dedication to the quality of professional musicianship. Not only is David a gifted singer/songwriter and guitarist but, he is also an excellent producer and engineer producing many well -known artists from the Bay Area.

Aside from his music, David donates countless hours of his time to helping out H.E.A.R. and will be joining the board of directors for the organization this April. David is also a member of NARAS ( the National Academy of the Recording Arts and Sciences) and a San Francisco committee member of The Recording Academy's MusiCares foundation. David is well- known for his finger pickin' style of guitar playing and skillfully crafted songs.

DAVID DENNY - Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist has been part of the San Francisco bay area music scene since the early sixties. In 1967 David joined the group All Night Flight which eventually became Frumious Bandersnatch, one of the more exciting and promising bands from Contra Costa County at the time.

In 1970 David joined the Steve Miller Band, touring and recording. In 1973 David would form the band Joker with Jack King, Brian Huff and Byron Allred who would later join Steve Miller in 1977. In 1976 David rejoined the Steve Miller Band and toured in support of his new album "Fly Like An Eagle". The following year wrote and recorded "The Stake" (Nobody Loves You Like The Way I Do) to the Steve Miller album "Book Of Dreams" staying with Miller through 1979.

After leaving Steve Miller, David decided to spend more time with his family. He also built the first of many recording studios and started recording Demos and Records for other artists. Tiggy Clay for Mowtown, Teresa Trull and Barbara Higbey, Ray Obiedo, Rosie Gains, Cliff Payne, Mark Russo from the Yellow Jackets, the Mermenās first CD Crill Slippin and along list of other bay area musicians. During this time, David also recorded his own projects including Calamari Gold with Bobby Scott, Ross Valory, David Perper and Bobby Vega.

In 1987 David helped form, record, and produced Sy Klopps. Put on hold for a few years, in 1990 came back to life, resulting in the release of their first CD "Walter Ego" in 1993. The Sy Klopps Blues Band is led by former Frumious Bandersnatch, Santana road manager, and Journey manager Herbie Herbert. Also on the CD is Ross Valory of Journey, Greg Errico formerly of Sly and the Family Stone, Bobby Scott aka "Squid Vicious," Herman Eberitzsch, Prairie Prince of the Tubes and Jefferson Starship, Norton Buffalo of Steve Miller, Neal Schon of Journey and many others.

David recorded and produced with Stephen Jarvis his first solo album Diesel Harmonics. On drums Prairie Prince and bass Anders Rundblad released in 1993. Also during all this, David was playing gigs with his band Diesel Harmonics and Sy Klopps and going on the road for various Steve Miller tours providing technical support doing monitor mixing or as Steve's personal guitar technician. It was also around this time that David recorded his song "Circle Of Fire" with Steve Miller for the CD "Wide River."

Off the road and back to work in the studio to produce and play on the second Sy Klopps CD "Old Blue Eye Is Back" released in 1995. David would also go out and play some dates to promote it's release and the video release of Sy Klopps "Live At The Fillmore."

David left Sy Klopps in late 1995 to record his second CD , Louisianna Melody" and build his audio consulting skills. He also found the time to record the old Fleetwood Mac song "Without You" for the CD, "Bay Area Blues vl.1." released on the German record label Taxim in 1996.

In October 1997 David released his long waited and much anticipated second CD "Louisiana Melody ". This was produced by David and Long time Friend Stephen Jarvis featuring the all star cast of Tim Gorman , Prairie Prince , Ross Valory , Myron Dove, Bobby Vega , Lyle Workman , Jerry Donahue , Jerry Miler , David Grisman, Steph Burns , Bobby Strickland, Kathy Peck, Michael Peloquin, Carlos Reyes, Annie Stocking, Genie Tracy and Larry Battise. Their various credits include: The Who, KBC, Mickey Hart, The Rolling Stones, Jefferson Starship, The Tubes, Journey, Todd Rundgren, Y&T, Dick Dale, Fairport Convention, Moby Grape, Jerry Garcia, Etta James, Hellacasters, Stevie Winwood, Steve Miller, Earth Opera, Zero, Harvey Mandel, Santana, the Contractions and the list goes on.

Now in 1998 David is starting to work on his third CD in the series of five planned releases.

For more information on David Denny and how to obtain his CD's check out David web site at: http://www.daviddenny.com

or email:david@davidedenny.com

(l-r)Tim Gorman, Myron Dove, Lyle Workman, David Denny, Prairie Prince

Louisiana Melody

David Denny- slide, fingerpick lead, rhythm guitars, and vocals (all songs)

Tim Gorman- piano, organ synthesizers

Prairie Prince- drums, percussion (all songs)

Myron Dove- bass

Ross Valory bass

Bobby Vega- bass

Lyle Workman- slide, lead guitar and rythmn guitar

Steph Burns- solo guitar

Jerry Donahue- finger picked guitar

Jerry Miller- lead guitar

Carlos Reyes-violin

David Grisman-mandolin

Bobby Strickland-baritone and tenor saxophones

Michael Peloquin- harmonica

Annie Stocking- background singing

Genie Tracy- background singing

Kathy Peck- background singing

Larry Batiste- background singing

Produced by David Denny and Stephen Jarvis with Tim Gorman and Nathaniel Kunkel

Mixed by Nathaniel Kunkel

Engineering by David Denny, Nathaniel Kunkel and Stephen Jarvis

Musical Director Tim Gorman

Music arranged by David Denny and Tim Gorman

Recorded at Wally Heider / Studio C San Francisco

Skywalker Ranch, Marin County

Recording Equipment provided courtesy of: Jarvis Communication Arts

Mastered by Claude francee

Photos by Michael Mendelson and Stephen Jarvis

Artwork Prairie Prince


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