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Artist of the Month, March 1998

Kathy Baker

H.E.A.R. is pleased to introduce Kim Baker as our Artists of the Month. Kim brings and honesty to her lyrics and music that rever berates in your soul.

Earthwater Recording artist Kim Baker, whose music has emerged from the coffeehouses of the West Coast, has just finished recording her new album "On Her Dream" due to be released in February of 1998. With Grammy award winning producer Cookie Marenco at the helm, the album encompasses a gamut of musical sound, from vulnerable acoustic moments to articulate rock arrangements. Bluegrass sensation Tony Furtado adds his trademark slide guitar on the title track, while Atlanta singer/songwriter Caroline Aiken enhances two songs with her exquisite harmonies.

Baker grew up in Los Angeles, CA and took interest in music at an early age. She learned to play the piano at age 8 and began playing guitar and writing songs in high school. Upon graduation, Baker moved to the Bay Area to attend Mills College where she majored in both Music and Sociology. While studying guitar and voice in college, Baker ventured out into the surrounding Bay Area music scene to perform in the local coffeehouses. During her junior year, Baker traveled on domestic exchange to Atlanta, GA where she spent a year playing in the local music scene. It was here that she met up with singer/songwriter and friend Caroline Aiken, who Baker praises as "one of the most soulful vocalists and incredible guitar players of today's music scene.

Upon graduating from college in '95, Kim founded her own record label (Earthwater Records) and has since released a self titled EP as well as "On Her Dream," her full length debut. Baker carefully blends folk and rock in her unique, stylistic approach to songwriting. Kim's music has exceptional depth and integrity. "On Her Dream" is a striking exploration of both the political and personal aspects of everyday life and is a must listen for all music fans


Produced by Cookie Marenco and Kim Baker

Engineered by Cookie Marenco

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at OTR Studies Belmont, CA by Cookie Marenco

Assistant engineers: Mary Alafetich, Yury Bajgrowicz, Larry McGee, Susan Ray, Karen Smith, Renea Wilfong

Photographed by Chloe Atkins except back cover photo by Declan Spring

Design and layout by Paul Smicker

Caroline Aiken appears courtesy of Rounder Records

Earthwater Records

PO Box 965 Menlo Park, CA 94026



All songs copyright 1997 Kim Baker Music (ASCAP)


1. Tattooed Past

2. This Time

3. Promised Land

4. Forgive

5. Love Has Drowned

6. Encircled By Angels

7. On Her Dream

8. Judgement

9. Highway Line

10. Silent Grace


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