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Artist of the Month, December 1997


H.E.A.R. welcomes the high energy Supertones as Artists of the Month!

As if we were flashing back to the '80s, a huge ska movement has followed the latest mainstream surge of punk rock. But in this decade, ska's new revival is happening in Orange County, California, not England, with bands like No Doubt, Reel Big Fish and, more recently, OC faves the Supertones.

Mixing such influences as Skankin' Pickle, the Bosstones and Operation lvy, the Supertones quickly earned a reputation for their high levels of energy, huge pop hooks and hip hop flavored vocals. The band originally came out six years ago under a different name, but back then the band was more goofy with numerous different styles of songs including punk, disco, funk, metal etc. However, it was the band's ska songs that everyone embraced. About three years later, the band completed their horn section turned pure ska and changed their name to the Supertones. They went on to play shows with bands like the Descendants, Buck O Nine and Save Ferris.

In June of '96 the Supertones released their debut, Adventures of the OC Supertones, on Tooth and Nail Records. Their release, loved by critics and fans alike, was followed by two national tours, first with labelmates MxPx and then their own headlining tour.

A year and numerous Motel 6's later, the Supertones have released their follow-up album, The Supertones Strike Back on BEC Recordings. To recapture the huge ska sound prevalent on their debut, the Supertones recruited producer Steve Kravac (the Offspring, Voo Doo Glow Skulls) to record them at the famous West Beach Studios in Los Angeles. Spending nearly three months in the studio to perfect everything, the Supertones captured on tape all the energy, flair and pop appeal of their highly praised live shows.

Included on the new album are songs like the title track "Supertones Strike Back," "Resolution" and "Little Man," all of which show how well the band can combine fun songs with deeper meanings. For example, the song "Little Man" has Dan Spencer and Dave Chevalier assisting Matt Morginsky on vocals as each person sings his own verse. The topic deals with different superficial items that people attach to their self worth, namely health, wealth, power and possessions. The song goes, "I keep my billfold the closest to my heart, my house decorated with million dollar works of art. Roll with the big wigs, they think I'm the man, but then I stop and look, and think about how big I really am."

With even bigger response expected from The Supertones Strike Back, Orange County's newest ska hit is only getting bigger.

Matt Morginsky - vocals
Tony Terusa - bass
Kevin Chen - guitar
Jason Carson - drums
Dan Spencer - trombone
Darren Mettler - trumpet
David Chevalier - tenor sax

l1/1/97 Sat. Janus Landing, St. Petersburg, FL
11/3/97 Mon Jefferson Town Center, Louisville, KY
11/4/97 Tues. New Earth, Kansas City, MO
11/5/97 Wed. Grace Covenant Church, Lakeland, TN
11/6/97 Thur. Louisiana College, Pineville, LA
1 l/7/9 Fri. The Wherehouse, Bartlesville, OK
11/8/97 Sat. The Bronco Bowl, Dallas, TX
I I/9/97 Sun. New Church, Oklahoma City, OK
11/10/97 Mon. Mobberly Baptist Church, Longview, TX
11/11/97 Tue. Forest Cove Baptist Church, Kingwood, TX

Supertones only
11/14/97 Fri. Center Stage, Pasadena, CA
1l/l5/97 Sat. Lollapaloma, San Diego, CA
11/22/97 Sat. Prairie Capitol Convention Center, Sprinfield, IL
l2/28/97 Fri. TBA, Anaheim, CA
12/29/97 Mon. Ananheim Convention Center, Anaheim, CA
12/31/97 Wed. Knott Jubilation, Buena Park, CA

For additional information, please contact:
Michael Mazur or Debbie Sellnow
at Mazur Public Relations
Tel: (609) 426-1277 Fax: (609) 426-1217
Email: MazurPR@aol.com


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