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Tony GoldmarkArtist of the Month, September 1997

Tony Goldmark

H.E.A.R. is proud to honor Tony Goldmark as our Artists of the Month. Listening to 14 year old Tony's debut CD release "You Bug Me: songs Guaranteed to Annoy your parents" on Grandma Records, makes you want to jump up and down on the furniture and annoy your parents to a beat. ITS GREAT!!!

Here's what Dave Barry says in the CD liner notes about Tony's talent.

I have always prided myself on my ability to recognize young musical talent. For example, back during the late 1960s, I happened to be in a bar in Boston, and I took note of a young man who was playing the guitar and singing. And do you know who that young man was? I don't, either. But,I'm confident he never became famous, because he had virtually no talent. My point is that I recognized this immediately.

I will tell you the name of a young man who DOES have talent: Tony Goldmark. Tony's musical gift is no surprise, considering his lineage. His dad, Joe Goldmark, is not only a terrific pedal- steel guitarist, but also a world-class pizza chef. His mom, Kathi Kamen Goldmark, is a singer-songwriter-producer who founded the literary rock band, the Rock Bottom Remainders. I'm proud to be a member of this band, along with Kathi, Stephen King, Roy Blount Jr., Ridley Pearson, Amy Tan, Matt Groening and others. As a band, we suck. But this is not Kathi's fault. SHE has talent, not to mention literally dozens of wigs. And she has clearly passed her gift along to her son, Tony.

Tony not only sings the songs on the album, but he wrote some of them, and they're wonderful. In Fact, Tony wrote my favorite song on the album, I Know You're A Fish," which to my knowledge is the only work by any songwriter in historyóand I Include Cole Porter in that statementóto tackle the sensitive issue of flushing a fish down a toilet. Tony also co-wrote, with his mom, "Adolescing," which contains two lines that perfectly sum up the entire complex sociobiological process:

"My parents used to be so smart
Now they are just dumb old farts."

There's also a deeply moving high-tech blues song called "Got My Modem Working," a refreshingly threatening version of the Barney song, and much more. Tony sings these songs with enthusiasm and elan. (Actually, I'm not sure what "elan" is. But I'm sure Tony has it.)

This is obviously a great album for kids. But it's also a great album for grownups who want to hold on toóor get backóone of the most precious gifts that nature gives us: immaturity. Buy it. Play it. Sing along with It. And above all, don't forget to fart.
-Dave Barry

Songs Guaranteed to Annoy Your Parents
Performed by Tony Goldmark
Liner Notes by Dave Barry
Cover Art By Gretchen Schields
Produced by Kathi Kamen Goldmark
GRANDMA RECORDS/"Don't Quit Your Day Job" Records...
Distribution: City Hall Records 415-457-0780
Publicity Contact: Gail Parenteau 212-532-3934
Band Contact: Kathi Kamen Goldmark 415-664-3333
Radio Promotion & Marketing: George Gerrity 800-860-1917

The Players
Tony Goldmark- All Lead vocals, with:
Keta Bill- Background Vocals
Maurice Cridlin- Bass on "Money"
Pete Devine-Washboard, Percussion, Nose Whistle
Joe Goldmark- Pedal Steel Guitar on "I Know You're A Fish"
Kathi Kamen Goldmark-Background Vocals
David O. Golia- Bass (1,3,5,8)
Hoagy Guitarmichael- Guitars
Jane Hardaway- Background Vocals
Christopher Kee - Bass (2,4,7,10)
Chris Knight- Drums (1,3,5,6,8)
Dave Nelson-Saxaphone, Conga Drums
David Phillips- Pedal Steel Guitar on"Got My Modem Working"
Kathy"N.G." Right- Background Vocals
Henry Salvia- Keyboards (even Accordion)
Sam Tannenbaum-Duet vocal on"Schoolhouse Blues", YES! Man
Peter Tucker-Drums (2,4,7,9,10)

Gang Vocals and Kazoo:
Aviva Cushner, Audrey deChadenedes, Jim Foster, Kathi and Tony Goldmark, Jane Hardaway, Christopher Kee, Sam Tannenbaum, Julie Todd
Additional Background vocals on "Money": Paul Liberatore, and members of Big Meat Combo (Michael Battaglia, Chris Marzolo, Chris Morin, Billy Pearsley, Janice Tanaka)
Fort Holders:
Audrey deChadenedes, David O. Golia, Bernice and Joe Goldmark

Big Thanks to Betty and Si Kamen, Gail Parenteau, Deena K. Zacharin

Produced by Kathi Kamen Goldmark with Dave Nelson
Arranged by Kathi, Joe and Tony Goldmark, Dave Nelson and Michael Ross (with lots of help from everyone else)
Engineered and mixed by Dave Nelson at Poolside Studios, San Francisco, CA
Mastered by George Horne at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, CA
Cover art by Gretchen Schields
Design by Lisa Berman
Manufactured by Olde West
In Meomory of Jessica"Decca" Mitford
1996 Grandma Records, a division of"Don't Quit Your Day Job" Records
P.O. Box 27901-120
San Francisco, CA 94127
Web Site: http://www.dqydj.com


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