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Lucy's CrushArtist of the Month, June 1997

Lucy's Crush

Jonny was tired of playing as a sideman in other people's bands, Steev (known as "pork chop" by family and friends) was counting the days until he could quit his jobs of selling medical oxygen and kicking booty out of SF Disco clubs and Ricky had to get out of New York and his job as a social worker at Rikers Island prison.

With their un-fulfilling jobs out of the way, the three gents got together and formed the SF power-pop trio, Lucy's Crush.

HEARNET is psyched to honor them as the May Artist of the Month. As spontaneous as their story sounds, the truth is, Jonny Niemann and Steev Rehn trooped through many, many bands before deciding to get together and form the predecessors to Lucy's Crush, Lovesick Dog and Ethyl.

A lot of Steev's inspiration came from the band KISS, specifically Gene Simmons. Steev even performed the blood and brimstone act with a band called Detroit Rock City for several years.

Jonny Niemann was so impressed with Steev and his DRC act that he asked Steev to join his band, Lovesick Dog, which soon became known as Ethyl. Ethyl played around the SF Bay area and eventually lost their drummer. Ricky Ross, who at the time was on the road with the Warped Tour, decided to join and form Lucy's Crush, the "Peanuts" inspired name.

Since signing with Individually Twisted Records and releasing their debut album "SPINE", the three band mates have been touring, fighting, and getting tattooed together.

Lucy's Crush can be heard on KWOD 106 in Sacto, Live 105 and KUSF in San Francisco, and WOUI and WCWP in New York have added Lucy's Crush to their playlists.

Their WWW address is: www.lucyscrush.com.

Congrats go out to the band members of Lucy's Crush for all the hard work and dedication that went into their album, H.E.A.R is pleased to call you the Artist(s) of the Month!!!!!!!


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