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Artist of the Month, March 1997

Peter Bogdanov

"My art is an exploration of the realms of my soul and mind; it takes me through this entire spectrum - which is life." -Peter Bogdanov

Without further adieu, H.E.A.R. presents Peter Bogdanov as the February Artist of the month. Peter's professional experience includes many different areas in the creative art industry and management.

Prior to his experience in college Peter attended a training program for sales managers of Maple Leaf Marketing in 1990. Within four months he managed to establish himself as a training manager and was involved in hiring employees, training, and company sales meetings. In 1991 he was asked to move to Los Angeles to supervise his own branch office. Trying to follow his dreams of a career in the creative art world, Peter decided to attend San Francisco City College.

After learning the basic techniques of design and business management, Peter went to work as a free-lance artist. His client base included painting leather coats and illustration jobs. Around this time he established a relationship with Gena Galenski of "An Extra Hand" to represent his artistic endeavors. Working with Gena, he soon established a clientele for commissioned fine art pieces.

Peter enjoyed considerable success as a freelance artist. However, he became interested in design work and began contemplating opening his own company. With ideas in mind, Peter conducted a feasibility study to determine the viability of the screen printing market. Finding that such an idea was worthwhile and could be developed, Peter opened the doors of Perception Graphics.

Peter, your work speaks for itself and we are honored to pay homage to you as our February Artist of the month!!


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