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Artist of the Month, January 1997White Trash Debutants

White Trash Debutantes

When 78 year old singer Patty Pierce starts singing "I Wanna Party" it's pretty clear the White Trash Debutantes aren't gonna be your ordinary band. And when you catch on to the fact that the band was put together by former Punk Globe Editor Ginger Coyote, you've realize the Debs have got the makings of some serious derangement mixed with deep musical roots.

If the White Trash Debutantes were a tv show they would be "Married With Delinquent Children"
-unattributed qu

The Debs claim to have been "Born in a ball of flames under a havest moon" in 1989 in San Francisco, and they've been winning fans ever since. You gotta love a band that invites Tonya Harding to join them onstage, has played gigs w/The Ramones, L7, Green Day, Moterhead, and loads of others.

"Punk rock at its best" -Jerry Springer

"A prom night gone bad" -Kurt Loder

"The B-52's w/an edge" -Joey Ramone

You can read about the Debs history in depth in other places, but to give you a quick 1996 review would include the news that the Debs released the CD "It's Raw... But You Live For It" on 206 records, plus released stuff on Axehandle Records, GI Productions, Alternative Tenatacles, and Food Not Bombs. The band also received some primetime tv exposure with a few songs chosen for the Don Johnson show, Nash Bridges.

Debs release "Susan Lucci"... it couldn't have been easy to be on a 16 year losing streak and the Debutantes understand her pain... and we're so happy for her now...

"I'm in love w/Patty and I want to take her home..."
-Young and now very confused

H.E.A.R. is as thrilled as monkeys in a banana boat to honor the White Trash Debutantes as our December Artist of the Month. How fitting it is to feature these lovelies as we celebrate the end of the year with Holiday Cheer. We're a friend to the Debs, and all bands serious about having fun and anxious to keep the ground from ever becoming too solid under our feet. Pick up the Debs "It's Raw..." CD or find their EP "My Name is Rudolph" and keep the eyeballs peeled in case this gang of misfits rolls into your town some night ready to plug in and play.

White Trash Debutantes
1626 N. Wilcomx #256
Hollywood,CA 90028



Back Issues of Punk Globe from late 70's to early 80's of the San Francisco Punk scene are available by contacting Ginger at 415-437-0177 or writing W.T.D.


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