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Artist of the Month, December 1996Devo


1996 saw the reunion of the wildly creative techo band of the 1970's and 80's, the one and only Devo. Had the band reformed to grab a few quick dollars on the revival circuit you may have wondered? Not a chance. The members of Devo have had their hands full with loads of musical projects, including the creation in 1990 of Mutato Muzika. The transformation from Devo to Mutato didn't happen overnight. Launched by Mark Mothersbaugh, the work at Mutato spins around film scores, music for commercials, television shows, multimedia projects, and just about any other technological artistic multimaniacal development related to music and creativity.

As their success continues there remains a refreshingly candid approach to their work as evidenced in the comment from rhythm guitarist Bob Casale when explaining their rapid growth, "We just write great music, meet the deadlines, and the clients are happy when they leave." Mothersbaugh's enthusiasm at the potential for Mutato Muzika's new studios on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood, includes an affiliation with Apple computers and a planned Internet broadcast with live video and audio. "It's ideas and concepts that propel Mutato," Mothersbaugh has said. "We're open to any style of music and have always been interested in technology. We're not locked into the past, and we love to adapt to advances."

As Mutato Muzika reaches out into the future, fans of Devo can still enjoy links to the band. From Mutato's web site (www.mutato.com), in addition to the tours and art gallery you can buy Devo t-shirts, and collectors items and enjoy the same uproarious creative train of thought that initially sparked the band.

H.E.A.R. considers the boys from Devo and the folks at Mutato our friends and we're happy to salute them as our November Artist of the Month.


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