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CRAIG CHAQUICOArtist of the Month, June 1996

Criag Chaquico

A long time Bay Area favorite, guitarist Craig Chaquico's commitment to his music and his involvement with social issues make him a natural choice for the H.E.A.R. Artist of the Month for May and we are proud to honor him.

A child of the sixties, Craig was in his early teenage years playing with his Sacramento band Steel Wind and opening for the newly formed Jefferson Starship. It wasn't long before Craig became the permanent guitarist for the Starship, one of the Seventies and Eighties most popular bands. After 16 years with the Starship, Craig left the band and set out on a new journey. Craig began his exploration in a return to acoustic music while playing songs at home for his wife and child.

Acoustic Highway, Craig's first instrumental album release, on Higher Octave Music, was a runaway success. He followed that album with Acoustic Planet, a Grammy nominated release. Both albums reached #1 status on Billboard's New Age releases.

Craig's newest release is A Thousand Pictures. The title comes from Craig's feeling that, "if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a melody is worth a thousand pictures." Craig is intrigued by the concept of the listener's imagination becoming an active participant in the musical experience. "People use their imaginations to create their own story (when listening to the music). There are elements of adventure, romance, the environment and endangered animals in all my albums. I can give them a vision, but then they draw upon their own experience."

Craig's commitment to responsible social issues compliments his musical talents in a wonderful fashion. Craig's involved with NAMT (The National Association for Music Therapy), and one of his greatest pleasures comes from performing free at hospitals around the country. By sharing his music with those less fortunate, Craig brings joy into lives often filled with serious medical difficulty. "What I strive for in my music," says Craig, "is to improve the quality of life, to go to a higher level."

H.E.A.R. is very proud to honor Craig Chaquico as our Artist of the Month, and proud to call him a friend. Listen to Craig's music, use your imagination, and become involved in issues that matter to you and your community. Craig is a wonderful example of how music, musicians, and music fans can play a major role in helping us all "get to a higher level."


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