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PrimusArtist of the Month, May 1996


Life's a riot, ain't it? One day you're doing woodwork to pay the rent and by night you're woodshedding on your accordion because you've got these little songs you've gotta get outta yer system. And it's not like they're verse-chorus-verse I-will-always-love-you air freshener variety songs, but songs about working blokes, redneck goons, race car drivers, and visits to the DMV. And all these wonderful ditties are pushed out in skewered time changes that could only be danced to if you have a master's degree in calculus. Fans love you. You can tell they're sincere by the deafening cries of "You Suck!"

Primus, the Bay Area based trio of mutant musical proficiency with a smile as wide as your soul have returned with Tales From The Punch Bowl, their fifth album of sonic calisthenics served with a surreal sense of humor paying homage to beavers, parrots, elephants, and the occasional inedible sandwich. Les Claypool, Tim Alexander, and Larry Lalonde are pegging down the nation's highway, smiling so much they're in danger of getting bugs in their teeth. But what did you expect after five albums, a Louie Prima tribute record? "Punch Bowl is the all-encompassing zone from which we all dwell," muses Claypool. "It seems like a nice set of parameters to be in, the big 'ol punch bowl."

Primus' 1989 live debut record caught the ear of Caroline Records, who signed the band and released their 1990 debut studio album Frizzle Fry. Interscope Records' Tom Whalley signed the band after seeing a San Francisco audience practically raze the theater they were playing in, and the result was the 1991 release of the gold-selling The Seas of Cheese. The follow up to Cheese was Pork Soda, an even bigger hit. Now you get Tales From the Punch Bowl.

These boys are recognized by music mags and musicians for their playing and for their creative spirit, and H.E.A.R. is proud to salute them as our April Artist of the Month. If you haven't yet tasted the Primus brew, it's time you do. The punch bowl awaits. Drink up.


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