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CAKEArtist of the Month, April 1996


H.E.A.R. is happy to feature CAKE as our March Artist of the Month. Working out of Sacramento, California CAKE has been burning up clubs with their live shows and building the kind of solid reputation that has to be earned. It's never given. It takes time to get known across the country, and it takes hard work. CAKE isn't looking for any easy roads. They're committing themselves to the long haul. These boys won't be a California secret much longer. The band features Greg Brown on guitar, Victor Damiani on bass, Vince DiFiore on trumpet, John McCrea on vocals and guitar, and Todd Roper on drums.

CAKE is not about to be pigeon-holed into any easily identified genre. Disposal trendy stuff is not what CAKE is about. Their CD, MOTORCADE OF GENEROSITY, reflects a sensibility that views categories and definitions as boundaries to be broken, limits to be exceeded. That doesn't make the band quirky or eclectic. It makes them good.


CAKE has shared the bill with a wide range of acts, and their willingness to play with a wide range of bands is a testament to their confidence and their openness to the possibilities of music. They played with the Disposal Heroes of Hiphopricy, Jonathan Richman, Monks of Doom, Cherry Poppin' Daddies, and Vomit Lunch, to mention a few. How's that for an interesting list?

H.E.A.R. wants to spread the gospel of music to everyone. We feature rockers, blues artists, singers, songwriters, poets and punks. It makes no sense to us to limit ourselves. CAKE fits right in with what we want to do.


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