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Artist of the Month, March 1996

Faith No More


Faith No More

They've been together over fourteen years, endured the standard personnel changes, had arguments, reconciliations, and hit records. Numerous obituaries have also been written about the demise of the band. Drummer Mike Bordin has addressed some of the most recent rumors of a band split, "What's ludicrous about the rumors of a breakup is that we're happy about what we're doing. We're happy about the lineup. For the first time ever we're all on the same page. Now would be a ridiculous time to stop." Enough said. Faith No More heads into 1996 strong, confident, and hard at work on a new record.

Faith No More's determination to be successful and their sense of purpose helped them survive the early years slugging it out in the San Francisco music scene. Certainly not the darlings of the often times small minded community the band never the less survived. The multi-platinum sales of their record THE REAL THING began to change things, and as bass player Billy Gould now says, "There was some bitterness, but there's no problem now."

The band has always had a strong sense of what they wanted to do and how they wanted to get it done. "We're all overachievers," Gould has said, "And we push ourselves. We push each other. We're probably all a little bit obsessive about the high standard thing, because when it fails we get really down."

Faith No MoreThe band released WE CARE A LOT, it's first record in 1985. In 1986 they signed with Slash Records and the following year released INTRODUCE YOURSELF. The band toured heavily, crossing the ocean to the UK and back a couple of times and building a strong following. With the release of THE REAL THING in 1989 Faith No More stepped up into the ranks of world class bands. THE REAL THING sold more than 1.5 million copies in the United States alone. The band toured non-stop for almost two years, doing shows all over Europe, South America, and Japan. After the release of ANGEL DUST in 1992 the band once again went on a world wide tour. Though ANGEL DUST didn't match the sales of THE REAL THING in the U.S., the album went gold all over Europe. Of course, with big success come big expectations and additional pressures from the business side of the music industry. Faith No More is a smart bunch, however, and they have kept themselves together by reordering some of their priorities. They've changed their work schedule a bit to reflect these considerations. "We've decided, instead of doing our normal year and half tour we'd be adults and get off the road (for awhile) before we completely burned out," said Bordin.

Faith No More's current lineup includes original 1982 members Bordin, Gould, and Roddy Bottum on keyboards. Mike Patton has been singing for the band since 1989, and guitar player Dean Menta joined the band in late '94. The band is working well together, looking forward to their next release, and everybody is happy. At least as happy as this group of guys is likely to be! We'd like to thank Mike Bordin and Roddy Bottum, Wendy Griffith of Reprise Records, and John Vassilou from W.E.M. for their help in making Faith No More the HEARNET Artist of the Month. We suggest you all keep your eyes open and ears healthy and, if you haven't already done, so check out Faith No More. You'll be glad you did.


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