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Ozzie AhlersArtist of the Month, November 1995

Ozzie Ahlers

"Once you've achieved a level of success, you want to do everything you can to protect it. My success is in music, so I'm going to protect my hearing."

The first H.E.A.R. featured Artist of the Month had to be someone special. The lead off hitter so to speak. So we looked around...and we picked OZZIE AHLERS! A player, songwriter, and producer, Music Magazine called Ozzie a "keyboardist extraordinaire". Ozzie's musical career got a start with Van Morrison's band. Later he played in and toured with The Jerry Garcia Band. Always looking to grow, Ozzie added film scores and compositions to his bag of tricks and won the Cannes Film Festival Award for his work on the film Northern Lights.

The last two years have seen Ozzie continue his run of success. He played on and co-produced Jefferson Starship guitarist's Craig Chaquico's new age albums Acoustic Highway and Acoustic Planet. Acoustic Highway was Billboard Magazine's 1993 winner as Independent Album of the Year. The next year Acoustic Planet received a grammy nomination. Both albums also won Bay Area Music Awards as Independent Albums of the Year for 1993 and 1994. If you haven't heard these two, check 'em out. You can find them on Higher Octave Music.

Ozzie is in the thick of the Bay Area music scene and is also a good friend to H.E.A.R. Ozzie supports our goals to educate music lovers about the relationship between excessive volume and hearing impairment. We're proud to have Ozzie as our featured Artist of the Month.


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