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April 2008

H.E.A.R. Honors Childsplay

This Vancouver, BC. band of four young musicians, rock out in true punk form. Their edgy original material is fast, aggressive and very catchy. Band members consist of two brothers, Jaden (13 years old, on guitar), and Levin (12 years old, on drums), and friends, William (13 years old, on bass) and Mishel (13 years old, on lead vocals).

Their sound is reminiscent of the early days of the punk scene. They are heavily inspired by such bands as the Ramones and the Sex Pistols but list today’s modern bands such as Sum 41, Billy Talent, Foo Fighters and System of a Down as their real inspirations.

The band has been together for just over a year. Jaden, who was in grade 7 at the time and Levin, who was in grade 5, along with mutual friend William, also in grade 7, founded the band while they all attended the same elementary school.

After watching a performance by the band, System of a Down, Jaden (while still in grade 6) and Levin both realized a calling and expressed a strong desire to pursue a musical direction. The last week of school they walked into a local music store and a few hours later walked out, Jaden with a new guitar and Levin with a new drum set. Levin also signed up for a year of lessons with ex Lillix drummer, Kim Urhahn. Over the summer they practiced and about a month into the new school year Jaden approached William with the idea of starting a band and William jumped on board. William had been taking the bass with the school band for a year already.

They practiced regularly, learning a couple of cover songs while trying out many singers over a six month period. This proved to be more difficult then anticipated. They went through a number of guys and girls looking for that perfect fit. Finally, Levin was introduced to Mishel, a young fellow that had just recently moved to Canada from Mexico and had just started attending their school. Levin and Mishel hit it off immediately and with little persuasion, Mishel was very eager to assume the roll of lead vocalist. Once formed, the band moved into full production, writing original songs and setting up a date for their first concert. The band quickly created a tight chemistry amongst each other that is evident in their very lively, energetic live performances.

Currently working on their first EP which will be out this April, their songs pull punches at the world around them. In the song “Just Me” the line “quite shoving little pills in me so I’ll sit in my chair”, takes a jab at the ritalin drug industry. “My Friends” is about hanging onto youth before “the world turns on us”.

Performing regularly at many clubs and venus, Childsplay have already made a name for themselves. Their very first concert together they took first place in a “battle of the bands” against 8 other very established bands. It was a quick shoot out the gate and they have never looked back. They have been featured on Vancouver Youth Radio and are on regular rotation on internet radio, GhostXM. Childsplay will be featured act at the upcoming Vancouver International Children’s Festival.


            To Kathy Peck of H.E.A.R.

We are Childsplay!!! We are talented Independent artists who offer outstanding music!!!

Childsplay supports H.E.A.R. and their continued efforts to educate those who like to rock!

We would love to be a part of H.E.A.R.'s continuing efforts to educate the public to the dangers of hearing loss!

Childsplay is an explosive young band that has hit the music scene hard! This young Vancouver band rock out in true punk form. Their edgy original material is fast, aggressive and very catchy.

They are currently working on their first full length cd that will be available for summer 2008. Childsplay won first place with the Supernova Battle of the Bands. Supernova is an organization that books bands throughout Canada and the US.

Childsplay's busy show schedule includes upcoming performances with the Vancouver International Children's Festival. They are also currently on regular rotation on GhostXM Radio.

The members of Childsplay are Jaden Guitar 13 / William Bass 13 / Mishel Vocals 12 / Levin Drums 12.

Childsplay Sounds like......“a bunch of snotty little punks that don't take crap from anyone...which is a good thing! Reminds me a lot of early Ramones”. - Tommy Phoenix, Fighting For Ithaca

Childsplay is a fresh band out of Vancouver BC. and when I mean fresh I mean FRESH. The bandmembers themselves only average the age of 13 and formed only in March 07, so I think you will be impressed with their recordings and songwriting. Flat out rock is what it is and you gotta give the guys credit. They took first place in the Supernova Battle of the bands and they also had the opportunity to support Threat Signal at the recent CCC gig in Vancouver as well. - Greg Honish, Booking Agent, Concerts Department, Supernova

To hear our music please go to our website:


For more information contact Cliff Faber at 604.696.6290