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February 2006

H.E.A.R. Honors Kwanza Jones

Singer/songwriter Kwanza Jones writes and performs like she lives life: with power, laughter and fervor. Her mega-watt smile may belie her stubbornness but she has a precise vision for what she wants and is committed to realizing that vision. It should come as no surprise then that Kwanza maintains an extraordinary degree of creative control over her music. This was demonstrated with her 2002 debut release, Naked, for which she wrote and produced nearly all of the tracks, in addition to contributing guitar instrumentation. This rock-tinged album is decidedly raw yet hypnotic. In the title track, Kwanza offers insight into her tenacity by unashamedly stating, “I’m undressing, taking off all this exterior sh*t that’s been placed on me by society… draining my individuality.” She challenges you. Her lyrics are pure and provocative.

Kwanza Jones’ December 2005 release, Naked 2: universal fire, continues her unapologetic resolve to be free and encourages others to do likewise. In this concept-driven project, inspired by her successful climb to the 19,340ft summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro, she fuses her soulful energy and pop/rock instincts with world beats to create global grooves. Kwanza’s global groove concept is further influenced by her cultural encounters in Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America and her adopted hometown, Venice Beach, California. This world themed project stems from her need for novel experiences. She’s addicted to travel because “the adventure forces you to deal with the unknown and keeps you prepared for change.”

And what about the music? At an early age, around six years old, she wrote her first song. Deciding that she wanted to explore other interests, she did not return to songwriting until many years later. In the interim she played flute, violin, piano and picked up guitar after graduating from college. The organic nature of guitar is what draws her to using it as her primary tool for songwriting. She’s been singing for as long as she can remember. During her childhood, Kwanza and her three siblings formed a singing group. Additionally, she performed in a number of gospel choirs in her hometown of Washington, D.C. Music even followed her to college. While studying at Princeton University, she was a soloist in the gospel choir, joined an electronica band, and co-founded an acapella singing group. It is also at Princeton that she was nicknamed “Mouth” due to the power of her vocals and the nature of her laughter.

After college Kwanza continued to craft her writing skills and formed her band, KWANZAjones. Her band is a five-piece outfit. Kwanza has performed throughout the United States in venues including the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Viper Room in Hollywood, Apollo Theatre in New York and opening for George Clinton. College tours include New York University, University of California Davis, San Jose State, Princeton University and Stanford University.

Kwanza Jones is an artist on the Innovation Entertainment Group (“IEG”) label. IEG releases entertainment that stimulates the mind, feeds the spirit and captivates the heart.



Delton Henderson / Innovation Entertainment Group

tel: (310) 396-0710  |  fax: (310) 496-3157  |  mail: P.O. Box 5354, Santa Monica, CA 90409 USA 

website:  www.kwanzajones.com  |  email:  Delton@InnovationEntertainment.com

Kwanza’s music is contagious. You’re going to love her.

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