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December 2005

H.E.A.R. Honors Kristine Robin

Have you ever had the experience where uncanny events just happen, as if some other force were choreographing them? If you know what I'm talking about, then you can relate to the title track "Everchanging Tides" from Kristine Robin's new release.

Throughout the album, vivid pictures depicted through haunting harmonies take you on a journey through Robin's life. A life influenced by early teen years spent in a Scottish fishing village, the Appalachian Mountains, and then later in Native American ceremonies conducted by her adopted Arapaho dad.

An eclectic array of musical influences, from the lush harmonies of Celtic ballads to the emotional appeals of Sarah McLaughlin, have built Robin's style of thought provoking, moody, and melodic tunes and lyrics. Although Robin exudes a magical sense of nature and spirit, it's not just about elusive concepts. It's the everyday nitty-gritty-relationship-integrity struggles we all deal with. Like an unrequited love lost in the "Winds of Time," we can yearn to go back, but in the end we must reconcile ourselves to the life we have chosen.

Robin has skillfully blended the modern trends with her Celtic, Appalachian, and Native American influences to create a soothing but progressive sound laced with folkish overtones. "I want to help connect people to a place of reverence in their everyday lives." These words become three dimensional when you listen to the song track "A-Hay, A-Ho," which takes the stories she learned in the tipi, sets them into a lush Appalachian style tune, then wraps them up in a contemporary arrangement.

When you set all esoteric concepts aside, Kristine Robin's album is there for you to sit back and allow the melodic chords and harmonies to lull you into another realm. Are you listening...Can you feel the Gaelic breezes, the Arapaho fire, the emotional waves as they ripple across your fingertips?

H.E.A.R. is thrilled to honor Kristine a talented and beautiful musician.
For more information about Kristine or to listen to her music "Ever Changing Tides" go to www.kristinerobin.com


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