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Family Dog Presents

Event: A Chet Helms Tribal Stomp

Produced by: Family Dog

Date: Sunday October 30th, 2005

Location: Speedway Meadows, Golden Gate Park

Admission: Free

Info: Information will be posted at: 2b1records.com/chetmemorial. The list
of performers who wish to pay their respects is massive. As the performers,
etc. confirm they will be posted on the site.

Volunteers: Anyone wishing to be involved may contact us at 415-861-1520.
Contact: Boots Hughston 415 861-1520 fax 415 861-1519

Chet Helms was one of the founding fathers of the psychedelic movement from
the 1960’s. As promoter for the “Family Dog”, Chet developed the concept of
the modern rock concert and was one of the founding fathers of the 1960’s
peace movements that swept the nation and made waves around the world. Chet
was also the catalyst that brought together Janis Joplin with “Big Brother
and the Holding Company”, which helped shape the San Francisco sound. He
promoted acts like The Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Charlatans, Great
Society, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Peter Tosh, the Clash and countless
others. Without Chet Helms, as many have said, there would be no Grateful
Dead, no Jefferson Airplane, no Big Brother, and the list goes on and on.
While promoting concerts at the legendary Avalon Ballroom in San Francisco,
Chet produced a series of posters that are considered by some to be the
finest art from that period. It was through these posters that artists like
Alton Kelley, Stanley Mouse, and Rick Griffin, rose to fame. He also
provided a fertile home for light shows to develop their art, which became
today’s multimedia light show extravaganzas. Chet Helms continued promoting
pivotal concerts through four decades. In the 60’s at the Avalon, Family Dog
at the Beach, S.F. Golden Gate Park, Denver Dog, and Crystal Ballroom in
Portland. In the 1970’s, Chet organized the “Tribal Stomps” in Berkeley and
Monterey, which rekindled hip values and united the families. The “Tribute
to Chet Helms” in 1994, brought together many of the original 60’s acts and
started a new hip movement that lasted at Maritime Hall for 7 years. In
1997, Chet organized the 30th anniversary “Summer of Love” concert at the
Beach Chalet Meadows, uniting young bands with original 1960’s San Francisco
acts. Over 20,000 people attended this event. Where Bill Graham may have
been the warrior and conqueror of rock, Chet Helms was heart and soul. Chet
was a kind and gentle spirit who had love for all.

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