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April 2005

H.E.A.R. Honors Melody

For artist Melody Gardot, to say that life is full of trial and tribulations is an understatement. At 21, this young singer/songwriter has gained the life-experience most people don’t achieve until their late forties. “I feel like I have been 40 since I was 8.” she laughs. “I think I had my mid-life crisis at 13”. But despite a having the aura of an old soul about her, this young singer/guitarist/pianist makes it clear that even the toughest spots in our lives are an opportunity to shine.

The release of the “Some Lessons Bedroom Sessions EP” happens this April. “Some Lessons” is the title track featured on the album. It tells the story of the accident that recently happened: While Melody was atop her old messenger bike on her way home in Philadelphia, PA, she was struck by a Jeep, landing her in a whirl of recovery for nearly two years. Yet, the most difficult consequences were not multiple pelvic fractures or head trauma - at least not to Melody. Most trying, were the hearing and vision disorders which persist, even now, due to what is believed to be an autonomic nervous system dysfunction. This extreme Hyperacusis and Photosensitivity immediately meant: no more music.

Wanting desperately to regain her privilege to play, Melody continued to seek a solution. That solution came all on its own, in the form of inspiration for this album. It was recorded initially by her bedside, while she could not walk. More tracks were cut while she regained her ability to sit up, but all in the bedroom (hence why subtitled “bedroom sessions”). In this EP, the young songstress has woven simple elements of blues, jazz, folk and even old Tin Pan Alley stylistics, giving the album a rich, soul-filled mix, which reaches deep into your memory for heart-felt classics. Her titled track “some lessons”, a note-to-self kind of song depicting the insight gained from life’s hardships, is the last track on the EP, and rightly so. Quiet resignation is clearly not an option for Melody Gardot. Rather than backing down in the face of disability, she chooses to humbly bow to it with a six song tribute to its very existence.

"As a former bass player and singer who has suffered hearing damage and tinnitus I appreciate Melody's courage and talents in the face of her affliction. Her new Cd release "Some Lessons" is scheduled out this month and we highly recommend that you check her music out. Congratulations Melody from everyone at H.E.A.R.. We hope you and your band mates go far"... Kathy Peck

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