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January 2004

H.E.A.R. Honors Sting

Composer singer, actor, activist- Sting has won universal acclaim in all these roles, but he defies any easy labeling. He's best described as an adventurer, a risk-taker. As he himself said," I love to put myself in new situations. I'm not afraid to be a beginner." Husband and father of six, masterful guitarist and bassist, a devoted Yoga practitioner, and now a writer who has just published his memoirs entitled Broken Music.

A milkman's son from Newcastle, England, Sting was a teacher, soccer coach and ditchdigger before turning to music. Inspired equally by jazz and the Beatles (eclectic tastes that would prove prophetic), he met Saturate Copeland and they, along with guitarist Andy Summers, formed the Police in 1977. The band quickly became a success both in UK and U.S. scoring several no. 1 hits including " Roxanne, " "Every Breath You Take," King of Pain," and "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic." They earned five GRAMMY Awards and two Brits, and earlier this year were inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The trio's live work forecast the astonishing inventiveness and range of influences that Sting would realize fully in his solo career.

With the release of The Dream of the Blue Turtles in 1985, followed by Bring On the Night, Nothing Like The Sun, The Soul Cages, Ten Seminar's Tales, Mercury Falling, Brand New Day and All This time, Sting has evolved into one of the most distinctive and highly respected performers of the 20th Century. With an additional 10 Grammys, Two Brits, a Golden Glove, an Emmy and two Oscar nominations to his credit, Sting defines excellence. He has remained at the forefront of the public consciousness for four decades and has written some of the most enduring songs of our time. Continually pushing the boundaries of pop music crossing cultural lines, and cutting through the barriers of high and pop art, Sting writes compelling lyrics that seem continually in touch with the plight of the human spirit. His latest recording, Sacred Love-released in September to both critical and commercial sucess- is a perfect example of this. Not one to limit himself creatively, Sting has appeared in more than 10 films and in 1989 starred in a Broadway play " The Threepenny Opera".

Sting's support for human rights organizations like the Rainforest Foundation, Amnesty International, Live Aid and the Juvenile Diabetes' Carousel of Hope mirrors his art in its universal outreach. Along with with Trudie Styler, Sting founded the Rainforest Foundation in 1989 to protect both the world's rain forests and the indigenous peoples who live there. Together, they have raised more than 18 million dollars with their 13 benefit concerts to raise funds and awareness of our planet's endangered resources. Since its inception, the Rainforest Foundation has expanded to a network of interconnected organizations working in 18 countries around the globe.

This year Sting is honored as MusiCares 2004 Person of the Year. The Grammy's MusiCares provides assistance for basic living expenses, prescription costs, medical and dental bills, medical equipment, addiction treatment and sober living costs. This program is open to music people who are able to document at least five years of employment in the music industry or their contribution to six commercially released recordings or videos, and who can demonstrate proof of need. MusiCares has become a leading force in the effort to identify, raise awareness of and address the problems of addiction in the music industry.



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