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March 2003


H.E.A.R.honors Pat Wilder~ Chocolata Blonda

Pat Wilder aka Chocolata Blonda When Pat Wilder is in the house, the only thing you know for sure is that the music is going to be grooving. The powerful funk blues guitarist and singer has share the stage with major artists like John Lee Hooker, Hooker Jr., Angela Bofil , Elvin Bishop, Taj Mahal, Alvin Youngblood, former Jazz Proffessor Stanford University, Berry Williams, Four Non-Blondes, Dwane Wiggins, a funky session with the Red Hot Chilly Peppers, Finis Tabsy of the Universal Studio B.B. King Blues Band, Linda Tillery, pianoist Tony Matis and Zydeco Blues Man Kenny Neal.

Pat Wilder "Lady Guitar" performed several of the big festivals in the San Francisco bay area with some of the classic big bay area blues artists like Sugar Pie Desantos, Jimmy McCracking, Faye Carole, Johnny Nitro, Bobby Webb, Big Bones, Gwen Avery, Patrice DeArmon of the Pride and Joy band, Lady Bianca, Ledisi, the Bredford Brothers and many more. Chocolata Blonda in the recording studio has her guitar tracks labeled on many of artist CD's and commericals from United States to Europe.

"Lady Guitar" Wilder has a funky smooth guitar lead and rhythm sound favoring Johnny Guitar Watson and her voice is strong and raunchy like many funky blues female artist are... She can shout the blues, croon soulfully, and slide into her upper range with a gruff, girlish cadence reminiscent of Macy Gray Unique. Wilder is equally effective playing rhythm guitar and uncoiling stinging blues lines. She's got a clean, lean sound that's an effective foil for Avery's sumptuous bluesy voice. Pat knows the importance of protecting her hearing and uses musicians earplugs while performing.

Email: bayete980@cs.com Chocolata Blonda~ Pat Wilder Artist

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