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January 2001


POLYWOG is a DJ, producer and performer who has been based in San Francisco for the last seven years. Before moving to the Bay Area, she trained intensively at the School of American Ballet (NYC Ballet), North Carolina School of the Arts and the Alabama School of Fine Arts, and then the Juilliard School, completing a BA, cum laude, (in Dance, Studio Art and Religious Studies) via UC Santa Barbara. With a continually evolving performance style, she has learned and incorporated many aspects of production into projects - from choreography, light design, costuming and makeup, to sound selecting and mixing.

Since "settling" in the bay area, POLYWOG has developed a colorful performance persona while crafting unique DJ sets that have earned her a variety of prestigious gigs. Her current interests involve scoring for film and remixing music, along with continued development of the band, POLYWOG and the TADPOLES, consisting of DJing and playing original bass and beats with live performers, including cellists, didgeridoo players, percussionists, singers, speakers and poets.

POLYWOG has co-produced a song called "Frogs in the Fog," which is in the film "GROOVE" (out via Sony Classics Pictures, see www.groovethemovie.com). Her collaborators on this project were Platypus, her co-conspirator, and Shranny, collectively called P.P.S. Hear "Frogs in the Fog" at shranny.com. Hear DJ sets from POLYWOG at groovetech.com and betalounge.com

POLYWOG and the PLATYPUS also work together as PONDLIFE and, additionally, for their nonprofit organization called STEP INTO UNITY, which is based upon stimulating environmental, social and cultural awareness & preservation through multimedia events and projects.

For more information:

415.488.1517 <p>


"GROOVE," the San Francisco underground rave film, out on Sony Pictures Classics; featured DJ "FROGS in the FOG," a song in the "GROOVE" film; concept & direction PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT for H.E.A.R. (check it out) "THREE DAYS," the JANE'S ADDICTION '97 TOUR film; DJ and dancer "JANE SAYS," MTV video for JANE'S ADDICTION; DJ and dancer "The REEL DeaL," SF cable access series - an underground answer to "REAL WORLD" ('93)


(opening act for the following): SPOOKY & SCANNER at the Justice League, SF TRICKY at the Warfield, SF LEE SCRATCH PERRY at the Maritime Hall, SF DEVO, BECK AND DAVID SPADE at Microsoft's Silicon Planet event, San Jose PRIMUS & SPEARHEAD at Bimbo's, SF SPEARHEAD at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, SF (DJ for the following): WAMMIES award show at the Fillmore, SF SPEAK magazine's event with RUTH WEISS at the CoCo Club, SF "LIVE NUDE BANDS" at the Fillmore, SF Bay to Breakers and Carnival, SF sonicnet.com company party & SonicNet's "Addicted to Noise" relaunch party San Francisco Digital Music Coalition monthly mixer Co-producer & DJ for two benefits for H.E.A.R. "Future Species" (Capacitor & Vainglorious) shows at the SomArts Gallery, SF Co-producer & DJ for STEP INTO UNITY events (see www.stepintounity.com)




SOUND FACTORY (SF) VIP ROOM ('93-'94) YOUR SISTER'S HOUSE ('93-'95) SISTER ('97- present) (see www.SisterSF.com) THE BETA LOUNGE, periodic guest (see www.betalounge.com)




Entertainment Weekly, Los Angeles Times Calendar Cover, Paper, Spin, San Francisco Magazine, SF Bay Guardian cover, SF Weekly A&E cover, SF Chronicle, Phazer, Ray Gun, Rolling Stone, Sundance 2000 catalog, Village Voice, Esquire, URB, womanrock.com, Option, ZERO, XLR8R, FAD, Rumore (Italy) ... from raves, outdoor gatherings and private parties, to large venues and rock tours,

POLYWOG has become known and appreciated for her innovative style and diverse mixing that cater to the nuances of each environment.

Box 307
Forest Knolls, CA 94933

Personal letter from Polywog

i happen to be polywog, a san francisco based dj/musician/performer who has received extremely valuable support and education regarding hearing loss prevention and care from KATHY PECK and her outstanding nonprofit organization, Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers (H.E.A.R.). before djing for the lollapalooza tour in 1997, i made an appointment with KATHY at H.E.A.R. to have my hearing checked and to be fitted for the custom musician's earplugs. with her jovial, encouraging nature, we instantly became friends. as she does with everyone, she passionately shared her knowledge of hearing loss and prevention issues. KATHY provided me with important information, and took the time to tell me her whole story behind forming H.E.A.R.; i was completely moved and impressed by her devotion to this crucial cause! since that time, i have worked with KATHY PECK on two benefit shows, as well as appearing in a public service announcement for H.E.A.R. and attending the H.E.A.R. booth at the gavin convention in san francisco with her. i came to realize that it takes a great deal of energy to organize and present these events- KATHY manages to bring her deep caring and talent into each and every one of them, and there are so many of them! how she manages to maintain this baffles me. i know that she truly cares about people and their hearing, and that she loves music tremendously. KATHY weaves this into a fierce determination and stamina to help people. she has done and IS doing a precious, outstanding job!! one only has to spend a few minutes with her to know this. 1 of 2 too many people do not know or understand that hearing loss, once it occurs, is irreversible, and KATHY has devoted her life's work to founding and maintaining an organization dedicated to educating people about hearing loss and giving them the tools they need for prevention and care. H.E.A.R. information is available in school textbooks, on a terrific website, at music festivals and seminars all over the country and public service announcements currently playing in several u.s. cities. all of this is due to KATHY PECK'S awesome, tireless devotion, and i cannot express enough just how strongly i feel (and know) that she deserves to be awarded with recognition for her immense and crucial contribution to musicians and music lovers.

a word of polywog advice: do not hesitate to contact KATHY PECK at H.E.A.R. in order to schedule YOURSELF a hearing test or to receive important hearing information- experience for yourself the gifts of hearing education and awareness for rockers if you have not already done so. hearing is precious, and so are KATHY PECK and the H.E.A.R. volunteers for their gracious devotion to this cause.

Polywog Photo taken by Austin Young www.austinyoung.com


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