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perry farrell (dj peretz)Artist of the Month, February 2000

Perry Farrell (aka Peretz) worked with the H.E.A.R. organization at their November 20, 1999 benefit concert. We are glad to honor him as our Artist of the Month for February.

Virgin Music Group Worldwide announced that Virgin has signed rock visionary Perry Farrell to a worldwide recording agreement. He will be signed to Virgin Records America and his album will be distributed and marketed by the Virgin Music Group throughout the world. Perry is presently in the process of recording his new record, "The Diamond Jubilee," tenatively scheduled for release worldwide in April/May 2000.

As leader of Jane's Addiction and Porno for Pyros and founder of the Lollapalooza Festival, Perry Farrell has led rock audiences down some mighty interesting roads and elevated their consciousness along the way. With "The Diamond Jubilee," his spring 2000 album for Virgin Records, the rock visionary is taking us to an exciting new place.

As the centerpice of his career, "The Diamond Jubilee," is a world party plan that includes the most gorgeous soundscapes and vibrations on the planet earth. All new music and attitude for the millennium. Bringing inspiration to the global dance culture.

As Perry recently told an interviewer: "A jubilee for this time means a great, great party. It's the oldest kind of prophecy going, and it has to do with the redemption of man and of the Earth."

A Jubilee cycle occurs every 50 years--it's a time to forgive each other, forego debt, release people from poverty, and redeem ourselves.

Perry took time out from the recording of "The Diamond Jubilee" to perform October 9 at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival near Palm Springs, CA. Writing in the Los Angeles Times, Robert Hilburn commented: "On the main stage Saturday, the colorful L.A. singer Perry Farrell proved once again that he is a remarkable pop conceptualist, putting together an entertaining package of dancers and singers dressed in exotic clothing to underscore the various world music influences in his music."

Perry took his Jubilee celebration to a whole new level when he performed a sold-out concert at the Palace in Los Angeles in early November. According to allstar magazine, which described his performance as "an engaging blend of world music sensibilities and electronic edge," the evening featured: "numerous elaborately dressed female dancers, both on stage and on platforms around the 1,200 capacity venue. Multiple drummers and percussionists laid down crazy jungle beats while an accompanying video presentation, shown on one of the theater's large side walls, combined kaleidoscope images and other similar trippy effects."

On a break from recording the album, Perry participated in a handful of West Coast dates on the spoken Spitfire Tour, along with other compelling personalities such as Ice T, Krist Novoselic, Andy Dick, Exene Cervenka and Jello Biafra. Spitfire offers each artist an audience and a microphone to share their thoughts on life, love, violence and politics.

"You can try to ride on your fame, but fame rots," says Perry. "I choose to continue to create."


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