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Hypnosis: Can It Stop Tinnitus?

Kathy Peck

Hypnosis scientifically known as "the alpha state". Recent experiments have shown this state of mind is superior for learning, memory recall, and training the mind to overcome bad "programming" from the past, which includes tinnitus.

Studies have shown that people with tinnitus tend to have more somatics (pains or sensations of discomfort) than the general population. People with tinnitus experience depression or-stress-related anxiety before the onset of the noise. This fact, in part explains the effectiveness of hypnosis in the relief of tinnitus.

The hypnotherapist's job is to diffuse the emotional charge from the associations so that the person has a better opportunity for healing. Once the emotional charge has been removed the therapist helps the client's unconscious mind focus on stimuli other than the noise.

Hypnosis is not a cure for tinnitus. It is however, a very helpful therapy for reducing or eliminating the noise and/or the emotional impact of tinnitus. It is critical that an individual not use hypnosis until pathology has been determined by a medical doctor. It would be foolish to attempt to silence the noise of tinnitus that is caused by a tumor.


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