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Using Your Diet to Beat Tinnitus

Excerpted from:
Winning the Tinnitus Game!
by Therapeutic Research Group

It is extremely important for any of us who have developed and are experiencing tinnitus to assume responsibility for helping ourselves. Fortunately, most of us are able to formulate proactive actions to get us moving in the right direction, even though this may not be an easy task. Contrary to popular belief, motivation does not always precede action. In some cases we need to force ourselves into action in order to achieve the motivation.

Never is this so well dramatized as when we have to go on some special diet or start an exercise program. But these are essential areas that must be addressed if our tinnitus is to be relieved. The best way to tackle these issues is to develop a series of ministrategies that can and will be attainable. With each new success, we tend to want further success, and thus we continue with the program. This is vital to winning the battle with tinnitus.

The Best Diet of All.

For any tinnitus sufferer, danger lurks in all the fad diet books available on the market today, from the high-protein ones to the equally balanced ones to the all-vegetarian ones. The single common thread that can be found in all of these diets is that they all create some form of molecular imbalance in the body that, over time, can create serious problems. Getting the correct, balanced mixture of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats is essential for optimum health.

So which diet is the correct one for us to follow? Knowing about the acid and alkaline balance that creates the body's pH factor, knowing about the role that eicosanoids play at the molecular level, knowing about which glycemic carbohydrates have beneficial effects on ones's overall health, one can conclude that the well-established "healthy" diet, the one that many fad diet books attack, still gives the most balance to our bodies and is therefore the best diet for those afflicted with tinnitus.

Dieticians used to advise vegetarians to eat certain combinations of legumes, grains , nuts and seeds at each meal. The proteins in these foods lack one or more of the eight essential amino acids that make up a complete protein. When different vegetable proteins are combined, the amino acids in one food complement those in another to create a complete protein. New information, however, has revealed that it isn't necessary to eat "prefect" combinations such as rice and beans or a peanut butter sandwich at each meal. As long as you eat a variety of vegetable proteins every day, your body makes up for any missing aminoacids by drawing from a supply that it keeps for itself.

Eating a daily variety of vegetable proteins is necessary only if you're a vegan or strict vegetarian who avoids all foods derived from animals. Nearly every animal food including egg whites and milk, contains all eight essential acids.

Remember to drink plenty of natural spring water (a minimum of eight glasses each day), and stay away from all those chemicals in tap water, for it is possible that one of those chemicals may be a triggering substance for your tinnitus.


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