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How Well Are You Handling Stress?

Stress isn 't always a bad thing. In fact, there is an optimal amount of stress that helps us thrive. That healthy level is best described as: Enough to feel alive but not so much as to feel overburdened, or so little as to feel under-stimulated. Taking this quiz may help you determine how stressors, and your response to them, may be affecting your life.

Reply to each of the following with: Never, Seldom, Sometimes, Frequently, or Always.

  1. Do you have trouble falling asleep?

  2. If you awaken during the night, do you have difficulty falling back to sleep?

  3. Do you wake up earlier than you need to?

  4. Do you eat when you are not really hungry? Or when you are bored?

  5. Do you eat foods that you know aren't good for you but feel addicted to?

  6. Are you accident-prone at work or while doing chores?

  7. Are you having difficulty performing at work? Or focusing on tasks?

  8. Do you abuse drugs and/or alcohol?

  9. Do you experience tinnitus and/or hyperacusis?
    If yes, does this upset your household routine? Affect your social life? Interfere with your work?

  10. If you have tinnitus or hyperacusis, are you frustrated, angry, or depressed by it?

Several "Never" answers to these questions may indicate that you are experiencing an optimal level of stress. Answers mostly in the "Always" category mean that you could benefit from learning to manage your response to external and internal stressors.

Courtesy of Hearing Health Magazine


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