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Tinnitus: Questions and Answers


New Book Brings Message of Hope -- and Lots of Answers -- to Tinnitus Patients Tinnitus Ü a ringing, hissing, or other noise in the ears or head Ü is a confounding disorder that seriously affects millions of people of all ages. Most healthcare professionals are not familiar with tinnitus or its treatments and often tell patients to "go home and learn to live with it" without telling them how to live with it.

IIn Tinnitus: Questions and Answers, a new book published by Allyn and Bacon, authors Jack A. Vernon, Ph.D., and Barbara Tabachnick Sanders answer hundreds of real questions clearly and accurately on topics of urgent interest to people with tinnitus. Such topics, based on referenced research and the experiences of thousands of patients, include drug treatments, new research, alternative remedies, hearing loss, hyperacusis, MÚni¶reÍs disease, masking, tinnitus retraining therapy.

The bookÍs format is similar to Dr. VernonÍs Q&A column in Tinnitus Today, the quarterly journal of the American Tinnitus Association. Tinnitus: Questions and Answers is a reflection of Dr. Vernon's 30-year dedication to the problem. His optimism for the condition and willingness to try out new ideas has pushed the mysterious disorder of tinnitus into a national spotlight. Vernon and SandersÍ collaboration has produced a thorough and optimistic book for patients and healthcare professionals alike who want or need to know more about tinnitus "This book takes the dialogue about tinnitus to a broader audience than ever before," says ATA Executive Director Cheryl McGinnis. "A book like this helps extend our outreach with vital information. For those who have tinnitus, here is help you can hold in your hand." Says Stephen Nagler, M.D., FACS, Director of the Alliance Tinnitus and Hearing Center in Atlanta, "This volume is extraordinarily broad in scope and meticulous in depth. However, it is so lovingly composed that it makes for an easy read. It is a must for those affected by tinnitus Ü patients, family, and friends as well as hearing health professionals like me, whose jobs have just become that much easier.

" Tinnitus: Questions and Answers is available from Allyn and Bacon, 800-278-3525, for $25.99. (See also www.BarnesandNoble.com) (more) (continued page 2) About the American Tinnitus Association The American Tinnitus Association (ATA), founded in 1971, is a national non-profit human health and welfare agency dedicated to advancing critical tinnitus research and helping tinnitus patients find treatments and relief. ATA publishes the quarterly journal, Tinnitus Today, and sponsors a national self-help network, educational programs for schools, patient and professional conferences, and a bibliography service. Today, ATA has funded more than $1 million in research to pinpoint the origin of tinnitus, find safe practical ways to relieve tinnitus distress, and search for a cure.

For more information about the American Tinnitus Association, call 800-634-8978, or visit their Web site at www.ata.org. About the Authors Jack Vernon, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Otolaryngology at the Oregon Health Sciences University, is a longtime champion of the tinnitus patient. Shortly after his first tinnitus research began in 1968, he founded the Tinnitus Clinic at the Oregon Hearing Research Center, the first tinnitus clinic in the United States. His passionate interest in tinnitus prompted the founding of the American Tinnitus Association (ATA) in 1971, now a national research-funding organization. Barbara Tabachnick Sanders began writing investigative articles about tinnitus in the early 1990s and is editor of the ATAÍs acclaimed journal Tinnitus Today. As ATAÍs Director of Education, Sanders created the "Hear for a Lifetime" hearing conservation school program, and has written educational brochures, PSAs, and radio scripts for the organization. She has authored more than 70 articles on parenting, tinnitus, and other health topics.


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