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February 2nd and 3rd 20001

November 24, 2000

November 14, 2000

October 14, 2000

November 20, 1999

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November 24. Bay Area Groove and Jam Benefit Tour Show #2

Hotel Utah www.hotelutahsaloon.com Show starts at 9:00 PM Tickets $7.00

Proceeds to benefit H.E.A.R. Hotel Utah and Wazzup Promotions presents:Bay Area Groove and Jam Benefit Tour Show #2 with Animal Liberation Orchestra www.lagmusic.com Ten Ton Chicken : www.tentonchicken.com and Grampa's Chili www.grampaschili.com www.grampaschili.com

Tom Montgomery wazzup promotions booking for Tree o' Frogs and New Monsoon coordinator for the Bay Area Groove and Jam Benefit Showcase series. http://www.pauserecord.com


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